The Messy One

Remember when I talked about our Daughter moving in to her new place this fall? It's an apartment that can house 4 girls with a common kitchen/dining room area. There are only 3 girls though, one room is still empty. There are a total of 4 apartments in the building.

One girl who The Kid likes, spends most time with her boyfriend so is not there much at all. The other girl is the one from China. This girl cooks....everyday. She doesn't buy frozen meals to microwave like a lot of college students. She cooks big Chinese meals. She never goes out, so she cooks.......A LOT.

The problem is not the cooking, it's the mess she leaves behind. She does run the dishwasher but only when she needs dishes to start cooking all over again. The counters and stove are never cleaned. The kitchen is unusable for anyone else. Her crap is strewn all over the table and rest of the common area. It feels like it's her apartment and the other girls are subletting a tiny bedroom.

Oh, and she likes it warm, I mean warm. All rooms have combo heat/AC units, much like motel rooms. She cranks the one in the kitchen on high heat/fan. Most times when we take The Kid back, it's pushing 85 in there. The Kid's own bedroom is 70 with the door shut and no heat on at all. That makes the garbage stink horribly with all the empty meat wrappers. She also starts her laundry anywhere from 10:00 pm to 12:30 am, which is about 3 feet from The Kids bedroom door. Thank God for earplugs.

This is not the place I signed a 2 year lease for. The owners live in Florida for the winter but the husband comes back about every 6 weeks to check in and do repairs. They keep in touch frequently via text though. I spoke to him once about the problem and The Kid emailed him recently. He claims he has talked to her on several occasions to no avail.

One recent weekend I took my camera with me and took these. They accompanied my own email to him. You know what they say...a picture is worth a thousand words. He got back to me the next day and said he would send her a letter and would increase the maid service in that apartment. They were all told that any personal items left in the area would be thrown away by the cleaning staff. I also heard from the wife owner and she apologized over and over. She assured me they would stay on top of this to rectify the situation.

When I took The Kid back yesterday, the kitchen even looked worse than this, so she let the owner know. He said he would be back this week sometime. This girl will move out in June when school is out, but that is still 5-6 months being stuck with her, so we're hoping he will lower the boom!

Rubber bands between two chairs. Why? Good question.


Valerie said…
That's awful. Is that how the Chinese live? I'm glad you steps to get it sorted - thank goodness for cameras, eh?
Mr. Shife said…
Well that is a bummer. I certainly don't miss those days of living with the people that at first seemed OK but then their true colors were revealed after a little bit. It's a good learning experience but it certainly sucks going through it. Best of luck to The Kid and hope things resolved. Take care kden.

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