Many times during the school year we have a particular State Patrol officer that parks his car outside of our house to check the speed of drivers going through the school zone. Since it's a high school with open campus, the speed limit is 20 mph the entire school day. Does anybody follow it? Not many. That's why Scooter parks here.

That's the name I gave him when he started parking here. He looked so young and new to the force, and stuck on radar duty. But boy, does he catch them. He stands with his radar gun or something that looks like binoculars and then he'll step out in the street to motion someone to pull over. Sometimes he jumps in the car to take chase. Over and over, for a couple of hours. It provides me great entertainment.

One day I was coming home and I saw him standing out there with a measuring tape, measuring from the stop sign to a car. Whoops, my husband's car. He parks on the street because our daughter parks in the garage along with me. He was just home on break and wouldn't be there long. I pulled over and jumped out and explained all of this to Scooter. He said the car was only 6 feet from the sign and he needs to park there to work. He said I should appreciate that he is working to catch the speeders and I said I do; adding that I enjoy the entertainment also. He was only writing a warning so I wasted my feminine wiles on him.

So my husband moves his car and I sit and watch Scooter get back to work. It doesn't take much to entertain me.


Valerie said…
Let's hope, for your continued entertainment, the same guy keeps coming. Others might be more miserable.
Grumpy said…
Make some popcorn, pull up a chair. I could watch that show all day.
fernvalley01 said…
lol, Hubby must be glad you are ready to defend him
Mr. Shife said…
Did you tell the hubby the truth or did you tell him that you saved him a ticket? Hope all is well up north. We are getting warmer but now we are getting the spring showers.

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