He Got Spanked

The other day I did something that I've never done before to either of my Step-Sons. They're grown men now, and they didn't grow up with us so I never had the need to scold them or correct behavior when they were with us. OK, once I tried to break up a kitten pulling contest they had when they were young and my cat had babies. My Husband said to me "Oh, they're alright." That was the end of my meddlesome parenting.

Occasionally my husband likes to share political stuff on FB. I don't like or comment, rather just move on. He is old school, believes in Unions and a fair wage. His youngest Son (the attorney) on the other hand is the total opposite. He will goad his dad into a conversation on FB that goes absolutely nowhere. It isn't jovial kidding about their differences, basically they call each other fools. I finally told my husband not to engage in the conversations because he gets so mad that his son 'does not get it'. He will even message his dad to make his point further which ticks him off more.

Last week he messaged his dad about his views against something he had shared so I went in his account to look at it. It's not so much the message that pissed me off; it's the rudeness and disrespect he has for someone else's views. My Husband is like this too, a lot....so I guess it's just in the genes.

So I sent an email to my Step-Son asking him not to do that anymore. I explained that his dad just sits and stews which makes his blood pressure go up. I said it was not really worth it to make him upset when both of them will never change their views. I couldn't stop there and also said I was upset that he couldn't take the time to wish his dad a Merry Christmas, or his sister either. No card, call, or even a text from him. Me, I don't care, I'm just the Step-Mom. But to have the time to admonish his dad's political views but can't be bothered for some pleasantries on occasion, really frosted my cupcakes. Enough is enough!

I didn't hear back from him and probably won't. And I don't really care. He can be very nice when it fits into his schedule but most of the time he doesn't have time for his own family and I'm just tired of his Bullshit. So now I can officially be known as The Wicked Step-Mother!


Grumpy said…
Good for you. Sometimes people need to be told that their behavior is unacceptable.
Mr. Shife said…
Nice job, kden. You sound like a wonderful step-mother. I think you just have a wicked step-son. Take care.
Valerie said…
From one step-mother to another.... good on you. Sometimes they deserve to be told. I was wondering if the lack of cards etc was a new trend.

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