The Visit

Yesterday I went to see My Lady in her new 'home.' Her daughter had sent me a Christmas card and said that her Mom would like to see me. It felt kind of weird going there and I hoped no one would recognize me as 'The Employee That Couldn't Hack It'. But I'm sure so many people come and go, that I wouldn't even register on anyone's mind. I did recognize several people that are still working there, so good for them.

Lunch was just finishing up and I could see her sitting at the first table with her back to the door. She recognized me right away and I pulled up a chair so we could chat. I dug through all of my colored pages and found a pretty one with birds on it. I had it laminated and gave it to her as I'm sure she misses her birdwatching.

She looked very nice and had just had her hair done. I stayed for an hour and although she was quite repetitive in her stories, it seemed no different than when she was at home. Her son and DIL has been to see her once and she got teary eyed talking about that. Her daughter is retired now and My Lady thinks that the best solution would be for her to take her in. She doesn't quite seem to get that this is not a temporary situation.

Although I didn't get to see her room, she shares it with another woman and has no personal effects from home other than her clothes. That for me, would be the hardest. Nothing to remind you of home. No favorite chair or picture. No phone. No plants.

She likes to play cards, but only plays when her daughter comes to visit. No one else seems to know how to play and she is more 'with it' than most so even everyday conversation is difficult.

There is a resident dog and another that comes to visit sometimes. She misses her own dog. I always thought Nellie would have made a great service dog in that capacity. Now about all she could muster up is a good nap with them.

She was very glad I came to visit and I told her I would be back. It's the least I can do and hopefully if I'm ever in that position years from now, someone will care enough about me to come and visit.


Grumpy said…
You're doing a good thing.
Mr. Shife said…
I'm glad the visit went as well as expected, and as Grump said you are doing a good thing. Take care kden.
fernvalley01 said…
Nice that you went to see her, things like that mean the world to folks who are in care
baili said…
it is always pleasure to receive warm well come from some one who is less familiar,glad you felt good and had a nice visit

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