Ode To Willie

The beginning of 2016 has not been kind as far as losing entertainers, actors and musicians alike. Some were more notable than others, depending on what we watch or listened to through the years.

One man I am totally in love with and thankful he is still with us. It will be a great loss for all (In my opinion), when he eventually passes. He's a legend in his field and a part of Americana. He has rallied for farmers and raised over 50 million through the Farm Aid concerts. Many entertainers have either gotten their start or their music from him.

I have never really been a country music fan but Willie Nelson doesn't seem hard-fast in that mold. I don't recall having a lot of music in our house growing up, so I'm not really sure where I acquired my love for him. As I got older and was able to frequent our local bar, it was something we always played on the jukebox. When I was 23 and my Dad died unexpectedly, we all gathered at the bar that night with a few of his best friends. It might seem like an odd thing to do, but it brought some kind of comfort. As one of Willie's song came on, I asked one of his friends if he would dance with me because if my Dad was there, he would have. So he obliged me and it was a sweet moment.

If Willie was on either Idol or The Voice, I don't think he would make it very far. They would say he was pitchy and doesn't have much range. At times he even talks through his songs. But his fans don't see that. They hear his story and feel his soul. I don't have any CD's of his but when I hear him on TV or the radio, I stop what I'm doing and listen, really listen. It just makes me feel good.

Recently we watched the Library Of Congress Gershwin Prize honoring him. It was a great show with other people singing his songs. He looked kind of sleepy at times, but at age 82 he is allowed that. At the end he sang a few songs with his sons and seemed truly honored by the award.

His oldest son Lukas is a pleasure to listen to and when he goes 'country' he sounds exactly like his father.

I'm glad the voice will carry on but I still wish Willie could live forever. Because some day, for sure there will be "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain."


Grumpy said…
I don't listen to country at all but I could listen to Willie all day. A real treasure.
Claire M. King said…
what a sweet post. I have always gone in and out of the country fan base. He was good in his time for sure.
Mr. Shife said…
This was a lovely and great tribute to the red headed stranger. Willie is indeed an American treasure and we are lucky to have him. Take care, kden.

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