Last Crown

Finally, after 2 years I have gotten all of my dental work done. This Tuesday I had my 4th crown installed firmly in my head. Add one root canal too and I call it quits, for now anyway. Down the road I am probably looking at two more crowns on my 'fangs' as my family like to call our hereditary lateral incisors. They are cracked in the back and a filling can't repair them.

I was really dreading this last visit. It was cracked the worst but causing me no pain at all. I put it off till the end because other problems/pain kept coming up. I didn't want to mess with anything that didn't hurt after the problems I had with 2 other crowns. I am finally to the point where I am not taking pain meds everyday because of them. But my dentist is pushing for another root canal because I still have hot/cold sensitivity.

But the way I look at it is; My Teefers, My Rules. I went at the pace I could afford, pain wise and financially.

I got there at 12:20 and didn't get home until 5:15. Yes, for one crown. They make them there, I can understand the wait for that. But that was the least of my waiting. They fill his rooms and he hops around room to room and all I hear is "He'll be in soon." I was actually calmer than I have been in the past and just went with it. Maybe it's because I knew it was my last one.

By the time I left, all the anesthetic had worn off and I was in quite a bit of pain. They gave me 4 Advil and by later that evening all pain was gone. I took nothing more at bedtime except for something to help me sleep. The next morning I took one Advil, that's it! I had a salad for lunch and even ate some damn peanuts. My husband really couldn't understand why that was so exciting to me. After waiting this long, going through all of the pain, and I was finally finished and able to eat normally and be relatively pain free. It feels great!


Grumpy said…
Good for you. Now talk me into getting the crown I need.
kden said…
Grumpy, Nitrous Oxide is your friend. it's the only way I got through it.
Claire M. King said…
I too have dental work I've postponed. Good for you for taking care of it.

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