Broken Denture And Chair

My Mom and I had an interesting week last week. Her upper denture had started cracking over the holidays, due to eating peanuts, so she babied it the best she could. It eventually popped in half and I bought super glue and a denture repair kit. Super Glue didn't last long and since she's so shaky, it wasn't quite even. Then she tried the repair kit and it only held a couple of days due to the build-up of glue
Last Monday she started making a few phone calls and found someone who could repair it (we hoped.) Thinking ahead I brought The Kid's Rav 4 because she can get into it easier. She had to fill out all this paperwork for a dentist she will probably never go back to. But with that done, he started cleaning up the denture for repair. He seemed kind of cranky and gave her a bad time for using Super Glue; as if he's never seen anyone do that before. But he did a beautiful job and she's really happy about how they fit. She will now switch to Cashews.

On Friday when I walked in she asked how smart I felt that day. That's a loaded question. I was thinking she needed help with her Ipad or maybe her denture broke again. She explained that the night before she was reclining in one of her lift chairs and it wouldn't go back down. She ended up bailing out over the side (wish I could have seen that). She uses that one to do her breathing treatments so she can lie back and relax. She has another one but it's for eating and watching TV. Neither one is comfortable so it's nice to be able to go back and forth.

I flipped it over on its side and pushed the buttons. I could hear the motor but nothing would engage. I found a repairman online and of course they had no one available on Friday. He said it could be the handheld switch so Mom made me take it apart and check the wires, like I know what I'm doing. Still nothing so I drug it out of the way against the wall like a gutted dead fish. I pushed another chair in its place and even though it's not a lift chair, her legs are stronger and she can get out of it.

I guess she'll have to get the repairman out to see if it's worth saving or not. It was a fun couple of days and I didn't get much else done but we had lots of laughs to keep us going.


Grumpy said…
The kinds of memories you will continue to laugh about.
fernvalley01 said…
good that you could laugh with each other about it all
Mr. Shife said…
Like fernvalley01 said, it's good that you can laugh about it. We are having some shenanigans at our house but I haven't found the humor yet. The kids hid the remote to the TV and say they don't remember where it is. I didn't care so much until about an hour ago when I finished up a work project and wanted to watch a little television. It didn't happen so I blogged instead and it's definitely looking like the better decision because I was able to catch up with you and bunch of other folks. Take care.
Claire M. King said…
I loved the way you described how your mom bailed out of her chair! Glad you have such talents as a repairman...LOL

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