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It's Only A Virus

Barring being diagnosed with a life altering disease, these four little words are something you just don't want to hear when you visit your doctor. Why? Because you get NO drugs to help you feel better. I can't count how many times I have wasted time and money just to basically hear, "Go home and give it time."

My Husband got it first, probably from a kid on the bus. It started as a sore throat and he swore it was Strep. He said he was going to the doctor to get some antibiotics. Of course he goes, the test is negative so he comes home quite upset. The kid and I are very diligent about washing our hands and keeping our distance.

It didn't help, the following Friday afternoon I started getting a sore throat. The same morning Hubby woke up and had me look at his eyes. I said it looked like Pink Eye and he better get back to the doctor if he didn't feel better soon. By afternoon, he couldn't see so The Kid had to drive him. Thank goodness she was home that w…

Who Ate It First?

Do you ever eat a food that makes you wonder of its origin and who the first people might have been that made the decision to eat it, and why? Especially if it's a strange food that tastes better than you might think. I think about those things quite often because that's how my brain works I guess. Some examples:

Artichokes--Hey Frank, lets cut off some of these spiny ball things and take them home to the women to see what they can do with them. Well that tastes like crap. Let's boil them, peel off the leaves and suck that whole teaspoon of gunk off the leaves. But don't eat that hairy mess at the bottom, it's gross. Just keep digging down until you hit the mother-lode. Oh, that's good; I think we have a winner here.

Asparagus--Whoa, look at these green sticks growing out of the ground. Let's give them to the kids as swords to train with. Do I want to taste one? No, you try it. Not bad, we can eat it with the Buffalo tonight. That was a great dinner woman,…

Wild Wild Washington

This week was quite a wild one, weather wise anyway. On Tuesday, high winds were predicted. I usually take weather reports with a grain of salt but as the day progressed I could tell this could be a bit more than the usual windstorm. By afternoon, city emergency planners were urging businesses to shut down early to avoid rush hour traffic at the height of the storm and to take cover.

Once the trees started coming down and pulling lines down with them, power went out all over town. Over 200 trees were downed and about 200,000 customers were without power. Avista Power said it was the largest crisis they have had in 126 years. The average wait time for restoration was 3-5 days.

It's always the pine trees that go down and I'm grateful our steady Oak hung in there. It was scary though listening to the wind and thinking any second it would come crashing down on the house. The highest gust was registered at 71, which broke a record.

We did not lose power but right across the street …

New Hobby

This isn't exactly a NEW hobby in the world, but I am new to it--sort of. I haven't done any of it since my daughter was very little. I'm talking about coloring. Not any ordinary coloring; I imagine companies are making millions making adult coloring books. The pictures are so much more intricate and challenging. After I had tried my hand using a coloring app, I thought I would move on to paper.

My daughter saw some books on Amazon so they are on order for Christmas. In the meantime we bought a couple of books to trade off between us. I have more time than she does so I spend many evenings coloring away. I bought some colored pencils and a lap desk to use in the living room. My hand is feeling it though and I often wear a brace while coloring.

After I had done a few I was happy with, I took the book to my Mom's to show her. She being the artist, immediately told me what I did wrong. Seriously, am I six years old?

"You made the pumpkin stem look like it's hollo…


A few weeks ago we had a fun night out at a stand-up comedy show. That's something we've never done all together. Many years ago Hubby and I went to a couple of clubs to see shows but the smoke got to us and we never continued.

I had never heard of Adam Ray before but he's been in a couple of Melissa McCarthy movies and several TV shows. The price was right so all three of us went to see him and 2 other comedians. It was really a fun evening except for the 4 obnoxiously loud drunk people behind us. After the show Adam said he would be out front. Still we were surprised that he had actually beat us to the front door to say goodbye and thanks for coming. I think The Kid looks a little too comfortable in his arms :)

We watch a lot of stand-up at home, from Jeff Dunham to Last Comic Standing. I love the old timers like Pryor, Carlin and Murphy. I used to like Cosby but know.

I have never told anyone this but I have always wanted to try my hand at stand-up. I love …

My Three Least Favorite Things

I was originally going to write about three, but then this happened. So I only have one.

1.  Our neighbor Curtis; still and always. He chewed out my Husband over our compost bin which sits right next to his fence in between our houses. It's been there for at least 15 years. He said it was bringing mice in and he wanted it now. Poor hubby starts stammering and trying to figure out what to do. Curtis took that as total refusal to fix the problem so he yelled more and said that if he wouldn't move it, he would do it himself. I had just gotten home and was standing around the corner, didn't make a peep. When my husband came in the door, he looked so crestfallen because they had been getting along for a long time now. I said that was only a fraction of how he had talked to me years ago. I think he now understands what I went through.

We do have a mouse problem, due to feeding birds and having a garden. And we have been kind of lax in setting traps. But why can'…

Thanks David, I Think

I will try and answer David's questions. He probably thought I wouldn't bother, or pick just one :)

- Is your nest now half empty or half full?
My nest is now at the perfect level. The Kid comes home every weekend and we're all really happy with that arrangement.
- Potato or potahto?
I don't care how it's spelled, I just like to eat 'em.
- What part of your anatomy doesn't (or does) hurt today?
Depends on what I do the day before. Yesterday I got into a wresting match with a jar of pickles and lost. My arms, neck, and back hurt today. That seriously makes me feel old. I said to my Mom; "Well, you don't get any pickles today."
- Is there something from childhood you truly miss?
Tough one. I don't have a lot of good memories so don't really miss anything.
- Are sequins EVER a good idea?
Only for show girls.
- Nudity
I have no problem with nudity as long as it's not mine.
- Jogging, Yoga, Jumping Rope, Calisthenics and other forms of torture