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Is It Possible?

Is it really possible that for the first time in a long time things seem to be going smoothly for us? I keep looking behind me for the big bad bogey man (you know, the one in my mind) to squash it all but so far he hasn't caught up with me.

Hubby is still enjoying his job, although looking forward to having a new driver this fall. The one he has now is more of a problem than the kids themselves. He doesn't know if he wants to work any of the recruiting events over the summer but we should still be OK. He'll have a couple weeks of paid training toward the end of summer.

My Mom and I aren't tired of each other yet, although it's only been a few weeks. I think she's having a hard time coming up with things for me to do and believes I'm bored. Depending on how she feels, she waffles back and forth between saying, "I felt horrible yesterday and almost called you" to "I just don't think I'm going to have enough for you to do and will probab…

New Business Idea

I was driving home from my Mom's the other day and passed by the same latte stand I always do. The sign told about their happy hour on certain days.

I thought to myself, "Why don't latte stands ever have an un-happy hour?" Why does everything have to be so darn happy? It's almost a sin anymore to complain about things and tell people why you're miserable on a particular day. Sure, we should all think positive but what about when you're having a really crappy day and you just want someone to listen without judgement.

So this is a new latte business I'm going to propose. If any one of you takes this idea and runs with it, I would just like a small cut of the profits for the idea.

Bitchin' Beans

UnHappy Hours 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Everyday has a different theme. Before you order your drink, tell the barista your story and you will receive a dollar off. She will genuinely care about you and listen while she's making your drink.

Mopey Monday-What's…

Mean Girl

I have a Facebook friend who I went to school with, all 12 years of it. Over a year ago she friended me but never interacted with me so I unfriended her. Oh the power of the unfriend button. She recently asked again so I accepted, although I really didn't want to.

She was one of popular girls, I was not. We hung out a little but weren't the best of friends. When we were younger I was friends with her twin sister Jan. After she developed a brain tumor I was the only one that would play with her when she couldn't really keep up anymore. I used to carry her around on my back and I kept her laughing. She died when we were in the 6th grade.

I think I just liked being with Joy because she was popular. But it sure didn't make me any more popular. Many times I was just the butt of her jokes or used as her pawn. She was mean and nowadays it would be considered bullying. Just a few examples of what she did to me:

*Some guy had a crush on  her, she didn't feel the same. Her b…

Lazy, But Feeling Good About It

With Spring comes flowers, rain, rainbows, and WEEDS. Weeds and encroaching grass into flower beds. I'm not crazy about yard work but I do it anyway. It's very satisfying to finish and see how nice the yard looks.

The trouble is, it takes me forever. I can only work for an hour at a time. My back hurts, arms and shoulders ache and my hands swell. By the time I'm done with everything, it's time to start all over again.

Although I had a good start on the back yard I was feeling lazy and looking for help. I looked on Craigslist for anyone advertising to do yard work. I'd rather work with an individual instead of a company so I found a girl and texted her.

After a few back and forth texts, her and a friend showed up to give me a bid. I just assumed that her bid would be too high and she would have wasted her time in coming. But I showed her what I wanted done explaining that the weeds aren't that hard but the grass is horrible. In that particular area my husband had…

Good One, Kden

My husband and I both take blood pressure medicine, just different kinds. He also takes a separate water pill; I do not. Sometimes though, I take one of his the morning after I've eaten something quite salty.

A bottle of his pills were on the table one Saturday morning because he needed to call in a refill. I assumed they were the water pills and took one. I then took my own bp pill and vitamins. Then I went to the gym. I had such a hard time getting through, it felt like my very first day. No energy, and totally wiped out. I also noticed that I didn't pee any more than usual. Very strange.

Two days later I took one more of what I thought were his water pills then went to the cupboard to get my bp med out. Right on the shelf I saw the water pills. So what in the Hell was I taking? I was taking his bp medicine and then taking my own, whoops. No wonder I felt like crap that day, my blood pressure was way too low. I passed on my own bp med but did take a water pill. THAT one work…

The Time Is Now

I woke up last Tuesday and didn't have anything like this on my mind. But as the morning wore on and before I went to my Mom's, I had a thought to run something by her. I'm usually wary of doing things like this, not really knowing how she is going to take it. But when I got to her house with a load of groceries I knew it was the right time to do it.

She has never come outright and asked more of my time, more like just hinted. She knows I have to work but I do make the time when she's not feeling good. She is still not up to par as far as her dizziness goes and I think she realizes that she may never be. She's been alone for about 17 years and I know it's starting to worry her.

So I just cut to the chase and asked her if she would like me to quite my job with My Lady and work the same hours for her. I told her how My Lady is not doing well; her doctor is requesting her to get more tests, she sleeps for hours at a time during the day and is growing more confused…