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Doggy Drugs

Just in this past week I ordered another supply of pain medication and the supplement glucosamine/chondroitin/msm for our dog Nellie. Every night she gets them both crushed and put in her dinner. At age 14 and-a-half, it keeps the old girl going. She's got a bad limp and I'm sure she'd be in worse shape if we didn't give them to her.

I order her Rimadyl from Drs. Foster and Smith. It's cheaper than going through her Vet but they supply the prescription for her. I used to order a whole year's supply to get free shipping but their prices have gone up about 20 bucks a year so I had to cut back to a 4 month supply this time.

The supplement is bought from the same company we get our own vitamins. There's no need to buy the expensive joint medicine from a specialty store or Vet, people pills do just fine.

She still loves her walks in the morning and then sleeps the rest of the day either inside or out. She's probably about 80% deaf now so I use different han…

Mary's Place

With my Mom usually being hospitalized every couple of years, the daily commutes involve trying to find a place to park at the hospital. There is a parking garage but I try to avoid that as much as possible. It also serves a medical office so it's always full. Another paid lot is convenient but owned by a typical big business and can get pricey. I usually try first at the smaller lot next to Mary's Place.

Mary's Place is quite an icon in Spokane. Built in 1906 with four stories and 25 rooms, the house was owned by 2 other families before Mary and her second husband moved in with 4 kids in 1944.

In the early days they took in boarders, many employees of the hospital, to fill up the 12 bedrooms. She also brought over nieces and nephews from Greece and put them through school while living there. They took a part of the yard out and turned it into a parking lot, charging 25 cents an hour. Mary would sit in the sunroom and tap on the window if she thought somebody had not paid.

I'll Show You Belly Fat

I grabbed this picture from MSN's page recently. It accompanied an article titled "10 Reasons Your Belly Fat Won't Go Away."

If this is what we consider fat, no wonder we are so messed up with our body image. This girl is pinching her skin (and her side), not an ounce of fat in it. If they want a realistic ad, they ought to come over to my house, I could show them some serious belly fat.

I could show them double-fisted handfuls if they want to prove a point. It's the same thing with exercise equipment commercials showing people that already have six-pack abs. Show a normal person for God's sake and get real.

MSN's page reminds me of those rag magazines at the check-out stand; fluff or gossip pieces that have no real substance.

Some things just irk me to no end!

Date With Another Man

After my brother and I got into our fight a few weeks ago, I felt bad. I know he didn't mean what he said anymore than I did. We both had a lot to vent and got it out of our systems.

That evening I messaged him and asked if he would like to have lunch sometime, just me and him. It's been at least 30 years that we spent any time alone. We're usually with family and it's hard to spend time with any one person.

We're going to be working closely together in the near future in regards to our Mom so I thought I should reach out and not let things fester or misunderstandings continue.

He jumped on the invitation and we met halfway at a little bistro. It was a little awkward I must admit. I felt like I was 16 again when he was teaching me to drive. Big brothers can be kind of intimidating sometimes. Over our lifetime he's been mean and he's been nice. But we're both adults now and it's time to start acting like it.

We did just general chit chat during lunc…

I'm Cooking Now

Remember that fancy new pressure cooker I bought a few months ago? I've been using it every weekend and it has became my favorite piece of cookware. I love it so much in fact that I cooked IT on the stove one day. I think it turned out great.

I really wouldn't recommend you cook a pressure cooker though because it's only a one time recipe and now I can't cook WITH my pressure cooker. The whole cooking experience left a very bitter taste in my mouth.
We keep it sitting on the back burner of our glass top stove, even putting a cloth napkin under it so it won't scratch the stove top. When our daughter was  home on spring break she used the burner in front of it to cook something, so very wisely she moved the cooker aside. When I got home to make my own dinner I put it back where it's supposed to go and somehow by pushing it back, it pushed in the burner knob and turned it to simmer.
I cooked my dinner, ate my dinner while hubby and the kid went out to get their ow…