Wild Wild Washington

This week was quite a wild one, weather wise anyway. On Tuesday, high winds were predicted. I usually take weather reports with a grain of salt but as the day progressed I could tell this could be a bit more than the usual windstorm. By afternoon, city emergency planners were urging businesses to shut down early to avoid rush hour traffic at the height of the storm and to take cover.

Once the trees started coming down and pulling lines down with them, power went out all over town. Over 200 trees were downed and about 200,000 customers were without power. Avista Power said it was the largest crisis they have had in 126 years. The average wait time for restoration was 3-5 days.

It's always the pine trees that go down and I'm grateful our steady Oak hung in there. It was scary though listening to the wind and thinking any second it would come crashing down on the house. The highest gust was registered at 71, which broke a record.

Trees down everywhere
We did not lose power but right across the street and West of us was totally dark. I feel guilty for having heat, wifi, hot coffee, and hot showers. We did lose cable for a couple of days but we surely couldn't complain about that. My Mom never lost power either but she was prepared with her portable air tanks. We would have had to bring her here if it had gone out for any length of time. That would have fun for all.

Our Daughter spent a fun evening with no TV, wifi, lights, heat, and flashlight on the night of the storm. School was cancelled on Wednesday, so she came home for awhile to warm up, recharge, and take a shower. By the time she got back that evening, power was back on.

Her school was back open yesterday but most of our local schools were not (and still not today). One elementary school had two trees down on it and no power for others.

When The Kid was home we had to go to Office Depot. The store is only a few miles away from us and in that round trip, we counted about 7-8 downed trees. Some fell into the street, others had crumpled fences and houses. Street lights were also out so we had to get through them the old fashioned way; go when you think you should and hope like Hell that no one else has that same thought.

I'm so grateful that we came through with our tree and house intact, because others were not so lucky. Houses damaged, the roof torn off of a animal shelter, and fences down. Two women were killed and one young man is in critical condition from falling trees. I think this will be a wind storm remembered for years to come.


Mr. Shife said…
Hi kden. Glad you and the family are ok. My mother-in-law is in town and she shared some pictures from the storm. It was crazy how bad the damage was and she also shared some of the horror stories about how long people were without power. Take care.
Valerie said…
Thank goodness you were safe. What a nightmare, though. We had a fierce storm which was said to be the tail end of yours but living in the Midlands we get some protection. For that I am truly grateful.
Claire M. King said…
Glad you weren't affected badly. I remember we had some winter storms like that. Luckily, my landlord has a generator. Stuff like that is humbling, isn't it?

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