Thanks David, I Think

I will try and answer David's questions. He probably thought I wouldn't bother, or pick just one :)

- Is your nest now half empty or half full?
My nest is now at the perfect level. The Kid comes home every weekend and we're all really happy with that arrangement.
- Potato or potahto?
I don't care how it's spelled, I just like to eat 'em.
- What part of your anatomy doesn't (or does) hurt today?
Depends on what I do the day before. Yesterday I got into a wresting match with a jar of pickles and lost. My arms, neck, and back hurt today. That seriously makes me feel old. I said to my Mom; "Well, you don't get any pickles today."
- Is there something from childhood you truly miss?
Tough one. I don't have a lot of good memories so don't really miss anything.
- Are sequins EVER a good idea?
Only for show girls.
- Nudity
I have no problem with nudity as long as it's not mine.
- Jogging, Yoga, Jumping Rope, Calisthenics and other forms of torture
No, those things aren't normal. I still go to the gym 3xweek and walk occasionally. I'm not walking as much as I used to and I can't count when I walk pokey Nellie M-F.
- Dryer sheets, fabric softener, or screw that, I don't do laundry!
Both. I use traditional sheets and also make my own with liquid softener.

So those are just a few more exciting facts about Kden.


Valerie said…
Interesting questions. I like your replies, in fact I tried giving my own. The one that baffled me was thinking back to childhood..... oooooh, far too far back... smiles.
D. Duplessis said…
Great answers! If you ever need anymore silly questions, I'll be happy to oblige!

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