New Hobby

This isn't exactly a NEW hobby in the world, but I am new to it--sort of. I haven't done any of it since my daughter was very little. I'm talking about coloring. Not any ordinary coloring; I imagine companies are making millions making adult coloring books. The pictures are so much more intricate and challenging. After I had tried my hand using a coloring app, I thought I would move on to paper.

My daughter saw some books on Amazon so they are on order for Christmas. In the meantime we bought a couple of books to trade off between us. I have more time than she does so I spend many evenings coloring away. I bought some colored pencils and a lap desk to use in the living room. My hand is feeling it though and I often wear a brace while coloring.

After I had done a few I was happy with, I took the book to my Mom's to show her. She being the artist, immediately told me what I did wrong. Seriously, am I six years old?

"You made the pumpkin stem look like it's hollow, shading should follow the line of the object, that's how it is in painting."

Well I've never painted Mom, I would not know that. When she saw the 'leaf man' I could almost see her head spinning at the way I colored them. Like that would not happen in nature so why do it that way?

I do it because I like it. It's relaxing, fun, and I admit a bit addictive. I joined one fb coloring group and get ideas and support from them. I don't get caught up in the videos and special techniques with baby oil or whatever.....that kind of takes the fun out of it. So here are a few of my favorites.


Grumpy said…
That looks pretty intricate. I imagine it takes some concentration. Very cool.
Valerie said…
YES! Colouring is my favourite hobby. The craze reached our shores and I love it. Your pictures are fabulous and you got the shading absolutely right. I use felt tips and brush tips especially gel and glitter, so I think I should move to coloured pencils and practice more. Pencils do make my hands ache, though.

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