My Three Least Favorite Things

I was originally going to write about three, but then this happened. So I only have one.

1.  Our neighbor Curtis; still and always. He chewed out my Husband over our compost bin which sits right next to his fence in between our houses. It's been there for at least 15 years. He said it was bringing mice in and he wanted it now. Poor hubby starts stammering and trying to figure out what to do. Curtis took that as total refusal to fix the problem so he yelled more and said that if he wouldn't move it, he would do it himself. I had just gotten home and was standing around the corner, didn't make a peep. When my husband came in the door, he looked so crestfallen because they had been getting along for a long time now. I said that was only a fraction of how he had talked to me years ago. I think he now understands what I went through.

We do have a mouse problem, due to feeding birds and having a garden. And we have been kind of lax in setting traps. But why can't neighbors have a civil conversation and why didn't he say something weeks ago? Mice are nasty, disgusting little creatures and we feel bad that they were bothered by them. They had spoken just a few weeks ago when hubby asked if he could trim his front bushes because we couldn't see around them at the stop sign. My husband did not yell at him when he said that he wasn't ready to take his camper off the truck yet, to be able to haul the stuff. Very civil. Why not mention the mice then? Why wait until you're so pissed off and can't control your anger?

So the next day, hubby worked in the rain to move the compost bin behind our back fence. It's a much better place for it and it's where I wanted it from the beginning---just saying. We set up two bait boxes and 3 traps where the bin was, and have caught 9 little buggars so far in the traps. And yes I have been doing my fair share in the body retrieval. The bait boxes have been eaten out of so hopefully many more have met their demise. We will definitely keep the bait boxes going from now on, but the true lesson here is; once an A-Hole, always an A-Hole. You can arrest them, put them on probation, take away their alcohol and send them to meetings. Still, you can not change the people they really are.

Really, after #1, everything else seems trivial. We all have annoyances and irritations in our lives which come and go. But this #1 irritation, never goes away.


Grumpy said…
I have always been of the opinion that people don't basically change, ever.
Mr. Shife said…
That's too bad. Sorry you and hubby still have to deal with that guy. There's a house for sale in our neighborhood if you want to relocate to Boise. I really am a nice guy. =) Enjoy your weekend. Take care, kden.
Valerie said…
Neighbours can be so upsetting. Like the mice they should be put down! I'm lucky with neighbours, except that the single man next door has gone into a home and his bungalow is up for sale. I don't much like the look of some who are after it.
Claire M. King said…
Well at least your hubby kept his cool. Weirdly, my niece and nephew have an A-Hole of a neighbor who is disputing their long standing fence. After 11 years, for some reason, this guy thinks they encroached on his property a few feet. The neighbor chewed my nephew out and he simply said, "Pay a surveyor out of your pocket to resurvey, and if my long standing fence is on your property, I will be glad to move it." Of course, it is doubtful the A-hole will do that.
fernvalley01 said…
sorry your neighbor is such a shit! I think you guys handled yourselves very well.I might be tempted to put the little mouse carcasses in his shoes!

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