It's Only A Virus

Barring being diagnosed with a life altering disease, these four little words are something you just don't want to hear when you visit your doctor. Why? Because you get NO drugs to help you feel better. I can't count how many times I have wasted time and money just to basically hear, "Go home and give it time."

My Husband got it first, probably from a kid on the bus. It started as a sore throat and he swore it was Strep. He said he was going to the doctor to get some antibiotics. Of course he goes, the test is negative so he comes home quite upset. The kid and I are very diligent about washing our hands and keeping our distance.

It didn't help, the following Friday afternoon I started getting a sore throat. The same morning Hubby woke up and had me look at his eyes. I said it looked like Pink Eye and he better get back to the doctor if he didn't feel better soon. By afternoon, he couldn't see so The Kid had to drive him. Thank goodness she was home that weekend. But he got his dang antibiotics that time. I was blessed to have to put his eye meds in. I could watch any type of surgery in person or watch a baby be born. But anything to do with the eyes......I'd rather gouge my own out. It was probably the grossest thing I have ever done for someone. I told him I'd rather look at hemorrhoids than his Pink Eyes!

Meanwhile I'm feeling worse and worse, mostly in the sinuses. I felt like my head was going to explode, every inch of my face hurt. Is this what it would feel like to have a face lift? Pain in forehead, temples, cheeks, under my jaw and of course teeth and ears. I had to stay away from my Mom for a week and one day was so bad I went to my doctor as a walk-in. The PA was nice but her exam was about 5 minutes and then she said those dreaded words, IOAV!

She wrote me a script for antibiotics but said to wait 5 days before I fill it because at this point it won't help. Only if I get worse, then I can conclude I have an infection and get it filled. I asked how I could tell, how could I possibly feel worse? She said I could and I would know. So be a good patient Kden and just go home and don't bother us anymore.

The Kid was next, so Thanksgiving was interesting. She was the only one that could taste food at the time so she gave us a play-by-play of how good everything was. I was full at the end but not satisfied at all. We were supposed to take leftovers to my Mom Saturday and have another meal but Hubby was in the best shape so he just took her a plate. She still made him keep his distance though!

It's been three weeks for him and 2 weeks for The Kid and I. It's still hanging on but we are rounding the corner. It wasn't the flu, and it wasn't a common cold. IOAV, but damn, what a virus it was.


Valerie said…
Thank goodness it's passing. Think of it this way, you will all be better for Christmas.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad everyone is feeling better, and it always does suck when the doctor will not give you the drugs. I actually turned down antibiotics recently because I didn't think I was that bad off and I'm paranoid about taking too many antibiotics that eventually they will have no effect on me.

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