~I found my checkbook error. Like I said I had money coming and going and didn't add 500 in correctly. Then I've had an overage of 170 for quite awhile. So I just added it all in and called it a happy happy day!

~The Kid had another kidney stone episode. It must have been small because the pain was over in a couple of days. At least she knows what it is now and just works through it. Easy for me to say though.

~I can't believe how warm our beginning of fall has been. We're still in the 70's and and having to keep the lawn watered. Usually I'm fighting the temptation to turn the furnace on by this time. Speaking of watering lawn (to excess). I went to my Mom's on Monday and found the sprinkler on in the back yard. I forgot to turn it off the Friday before and she didn't hear it running. I snuck out and turned it off. Did I tell her? Hell No! I just hope I'm not around when she gets her water bill. I'm such a bonehead sometimes.

~After much investigating as to why the bedroom has smelled like a giant diaper for a few months, we found the problem. Our Sweet Nellie is having night time incontinence problems; basically she is wetting the bed :( She has two beds stacked with the top one being bigger. She's not that big of a dog but likes to spread out. I washed the cover but had to throw the bed away. I put the cover on top of the other bed but she refuses to sleep on it. She has another giant orthopedic bed in the living room we may have to move in there until her new one arrives. We're undecided if we will take her to the Vet for it. I read that they can treat it with hormones but we'll see if the problem carries into the day time. The old girl is 15 now so maybe it just goes with the territory.

~I cried while watching Bindi Irwin on DWTS dance a tribute to her dad Steve. We watched his shows as a family and were very much devastated when he died. I ordered the DVD of his memorial service after we saw it on TV. We still haven't been able to watch it though. She is a beautiful young woman and will carry on his legacy courageously, because she had the best teacher.

~We went to the Chinese Lantern Festival recently. If you would like to see the pics, you can go to my photo blog here.

Well, those were the highlights to my past week; hope yours was just as exciting.


Grumpy said…
See your vet. It could be something as simple as a bladder infection that can be treated with antibiotics.
kden said…
Getting her to the Vet is now a 2 person job. She can't jump in my van anymore, I must lift her--which she hates. She used to sit on the bench seat and be able to steady herself. She now falls off easily which freaks her out. She doesn't just fall off, she rolls and hits the back of the front seats. Someone has to sit in the back seat so she can stand while being held onto. We have to schedule during Tony's break or he has to take 1/2 of a day off. I'm tired just explaining it :)
Tervpack said…
I don't know the size bed you need, but a baby crib mattress can make a good bed for an incontinent dog! They are designed to be liquid proof for children so work for dogs too.
kden said…
Thanks for the idea Tervpack. Why didn't I think of that?
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear the kiddo is feeling better. My brother used to get kidney stones all the time and doctor said he drank too much soda. He eventually gave it up and the stones have not returned. Loved the pics of the Chinese Lantern Festival. I would love to check something like that out. Thanks for sharing, kden. We are warm down here too. Suppose to be almost 90 tomorrow. Take care.
Valerie said…
I was going to mention the kiddie mattress but Tervpack beat me to it. Good luck with that.
Claire M. King said…
Interesting. Some weeks fly by without much action. Hopefully Nellie will be able to control her bladder.

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