Tables Turned

The daughter who is supposed to be taking care of her mother is now being taken care of by HER daughter.

That is the sucky reality that happened a few weeks ago. I was walking Miss Nellie as I usually do when I stepped wrong and felt a twinge in my back. No biggie, just keep walking, isn't the first time, won't be the last. I felt fine and went to the gym. Nothing hurt or bothered me, just that tiny twinge.

As I walked out the door, the twinge turned into a twang as I walked to my car to drop off my water bottle. The grocery store is right next door and I wanted to pick up a few things. By the time I left the store I had trouble walking. I had to lean up against something to rest. I wish someone had come along to assist me to my car which now seemed miles away. Finally made it to the car, and thought the worst was over. As I crawled in to sit, the pain escalated into OMGITHINKI'MGOINGTODIE!!

Good thing the windows were up so nobody could hear me scream. Survivor mode kicked in and I made it home. Now getting out of the car was another story. I have to park on the far left of the garage so both cars can fit. I have to crawl over the passenger seat to get in/out. I've been doing it for 17 years and have it down to a science. Whoa, not today. I honked the horn hanging on for dear life to haul my ass across the seat. Made it into the house, took 3 Advil and headed for the bed. I stayed there until my daughter found me.

Pain in my low back, not sciatica though, I've had that before. This was pain like I had never felt before, concentrated from tops of legs through my hips and around to my stomach. It felt like I had a torturous tourniquet on.  I couldn't take steps, my feet dragged. Scared? Oh Hell Yes! I honestly thought I had slipped a disc and I was going to spend the rest of my life in the fetal position.

Then the guilt slipped in. How in the Hell was I going to help my Mom when I couldn't even help myself? My daughter stepped up big time to help me. We put together a couple of meals that afternoon and she was my gopher for everything. When my husband got home he worked on me with his magic hands. It always feels worse after he does so I began to wonder if I would ever feel better. He even had to pull my pants up because I couldn't bend over. I found some old Hydro's which helped me to take some awesome 2 hour naps!

I had to call my Mom and tell her I couldn't come over on Wednesday. She was understanding but I felt like I was letting her down. I had to cancel a really exciting appointment that my daughter and I had together. She still went but I had to reschedule. By Thursday I was feeling better although had a major Vertigo attack. By evening it had eased so I was doing pretty darn good on both fronts.

I was able to go to my Moms on Friday and have felt good ever since. I sure don't know what caused it but am darn happy that it's gone. I don't want to have those tables turned for maybe another 30 years. Now I know how my Mom feels, being dependent on everyone else for the simplest tasks; it's not a good feeling.


Grumpy said…
That's why you need to keep some weed on hand, for medicinal purposes only, of course.
Valerie said…
As a back suffered I really can sympathise but your experience sounds a lot worse than anything I've gone through. Chiropractors are marvellous, why not give one a try?

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