Strange Encounter

Recently I was grocery shopping for my Mom at her store and this guy comes out of the back. He didn't work there but rather worked for a company that was working on something there. Even though I hadn't seen him for almost 35 years, I recognized him an old boyfriend.

He was my first serious bf after moving to Spokane. I was working at Zips and was only in the 18-21 year-old range. He was cheating on someone else with me and cheating on me with someone else. By the time I found out I was #2 it was too late, I was head over heels in love. I heard the promises of leaving #1 for me, "when the time was right." I wonder if #3 heard the same story.

Then some friends from work saw him at the county fair with #3 (could have even been #4 by then), and after much agonizing, I gave him the boot. I don't even remember how long we had been together and I knew it wasn't a relationship I should be in, but it was still very painful to let it go.

Seeing him brought up a lot of emotions because we did have some good times. But could I approach him? I thought about it and wandered through the store trying to determine if it was really him. I almost had myself convinced that it wasn't, but I knew better; some things you just can't forget, like the face of someone you loved so deeply. I doubt that he would have remembered me anyway (or pretended not to) which would have made me cry. So there was no reason to strike up a conversation just to relive some bad memories.

I just hope over the years he has become a better person and not continued to break girls' hearts.


Grumpy said…
That would be strange. Don't you wish you had said hello?
kden said…
Yes and no, but I'll probably not have the opportunity again unless something breaks down at the grocery store again.
Valerie said…
Was he your first love? I don't think you ever fully recover from the first romance.
kden said…
Not my first Val, but the one that made the most impact.

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