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When we realized that our Daughter would be leaving the apartment I thought she would be staying in for the next college year, I knew I had to act fast to find her a new abode. I thought a furnished studio would be nice but since she doesn't have a car yet, it would have to basically be on the edge of campus. Since we had already filled out financial aid papers requesting off campus housing, it would have been a paperwork headache to get her into a dorm.

I did a general search for a furnished studio apartment and several options came up on Yelp. Hardly any were furnished and only a few were close enough. But I found one that sounded like it didn't even belong there. It was nice, really nice, and I figured way out of her aid budget.

I emailed the owner and he got right back to me and said he had one room available. I made an appointment for us to go see the place in a few days. So right after we moved her out we were on our way, just a few blocks away to see a possible new apartment.

This place is genius! Each 'apartment' has a fully equipped kitchen, living room with flat screen tv, dining area, washer/dryer, and balcony. Then there are 4 bedrooms in each apartment, each furnished with a bed, desk, individual heat/AC, and flat screen tv. Each room has a large closet and its own bathroom. There are 4 apartments in the building. They are designed for the more studious student and many foreign students like it there because they are furnished. And look at the amenities!
We got a tour and there were actually 3 rooms available so she got her choice to pick from. I wish I had brought my camera. The owners are very nice and we felt very comfortable with what they have to offer. The best of all is that all of this won't cost any more than her dorm did so her financial aid will cover it fully. We jumped on the 2 year lease option which means she won't have to move out in the summer and back in before school starts in the fall. During the summer they get 2 months of free rent. 
She is so excited and we think it's the perfect place for her. She will be in a nice safe place and can start living her life for HER!


Grumpy said…
That is sweet. Good job finding it.
Valerie said…
Sounds ideal for your girl. Finding the accommodation must have been quite exciting for you and her.
Mr. Shife said…
Well that is awesome. So glad to hear that.
D. Duplessis said…
Good for her! I would've killed to have such great accommodations! :-)

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