Eatin' Weeds

Our local paper has a food section on Wednesdays and recently there was an article on a super-food, packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and C. It's called Purslane and is popular to cook with in Mexico and Greece. It's been mentioned in cookbooks clear back to the 18th century.

Does it look familiar to you at all? If you're lucky, you don't have it growing in your yard. But most of us would probably recognize it as a pesky never ending WEED!!! I've been digging it up all summer and probably many summers before. And now I just find out that I can eat it??

Never wanting to pass up on a challenge to eat something strange (I'm still making Kefir), I gave it a go. Hubby picked a bunch and cleaned it. I started by stripping the stalks and putting it in my salad. I read it tastes a little citrusy but I didn't really get that. It just tastes like greens, neither overwhelming or bitter.

Then I cooked it like I do most vegi's, fried with garlic and olive oil. I was rushed for time so didn't rough chop it, but it cooked quickly and everyone liked it.

Even the picky Kid liked it, adding Parmesan cheese. Cheese makes everything better, right? I can see this thrown in soups or sandwiches. Anywhere you want a little 'good for you' green, just throw it in!

Hey Mikey, she likes it!


Grumpy said…
No thank you. I'm sure the Kid is thrilled that picture will be on the internet forever.
kden said…
She said NO to FB, but it would be OK for all 5 of my readers to see it.
Valerie said…
I noticed something strange in a shop-prepared salad... wondering now if ... no it couldn't be. Hubby has been TOLD to eat more greens so I guess anything goes, however I'm not sure I would trust the weeds in my garden, of which there are many.
D. Duplessis said…
That's cool! I'll have to try it. But c'mon, what doesn't taste good fried in garlic and oil? :-)

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