The Ghost And Bernie

One night I turned the A/C off and headed to bed. As I lay down I heard this faint banging/knocking sound. Since I sleep in the basement it was hard to tell where it was coming from so I got up and turned my lamp on. I thought it might have been outside but as I headed to the door I could now tell it was coming from the furnace room which is right next to me.

This is where the ghosts live and I really didn't want to open the door to investigate but I knew I wouldn't be able to go to sleep if I didn't check it out. It was the A/C unit, sounding like metal does when it's cooling down or something. I could see some darkness on the floor but couldn't open the other door because I have a book case in front of it.

The door to spooky town
In the morning I had my husband help me move the book case so we could open the little door and found that the floor was wet. We assumed it was the condensate pump because it has happened before. Of course it was a Saturday and bringing someone out would be too expensive so we just placed towels on the floor around the unit.

It was worse on Sunday and we were replacing towels a few times a day plus it had started seeping onto my bedroom carpet. Early Monday my husband called our furnace people and requested a service call with our favorite tech, Bernie. We've been asking for him for many years; he's nice, and explains things in laymen terms. We knew that the A/C unit was not on our Guardian Plan but geesh, can't have water all over the place so we set the appointment.

He arrived after 6 o'clock that night and immediately ruled out the pump as the problem. He had a helper with him, fresh out of college who he made go outside and check the Freon. All the years we have lived here, we've never had to replace the Freon. He explained that low Freon will make the unit work harder which causes the coils to freeze and the pump can't keep up with the water so it overflows.

But the cool thing is, he wrote it up as a "loose belt on the blower", which constitutes it as working on the furnace and not the A/C; therefore, no charge!! That's why we love that Bernie..........and the ghost that alerted me to the problem. I say that only partly in jest because I have never heard that noise before and it quit soon after I discovered the water that night.

Can you imagine how long it would have taken me to discover it? It could have been weeks until the water seeped out enough for me to walk on wet carpet and totally ruin the book case. Ghosts can be friendly, but I'm still keeping those doors shut at night.


Grumpy said…
Could I have Bernie's number?
kden said…
Considering the cost of R22, yea a pretty good deal. It's been working great ever since.
Valerie said…
Water is so powerful. It's a good job your ghost alerted you to the problem. I wonder if Bernie would consider moving to my area.
Mr. Shife said…
Bernie is the man. Glad it all worked out for you. Enjoy your weekend.

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