Every extreme season, summer and winter, the media slams us with tips, rules, and demonstrations of the season. The only ones that need repeating are to keep kids and dogs out of hot cars. People are still not learning that one.

It's the same spiel, year after year. I think the only ones they are educating are martians from another planet because we all know this stuff.

1 Drink plenty of water and stay in cool areas.
2 Open doors early in the morning to cool the house down
3 Shut blinds and curtain
4 Wear lightweight clothes
5 Don't exercise heavily
6 Demonstrating the usual frying of egg on pavement to prove how hot it is

1 When shoveling snow, lift with your legs, not your back
2 Wear layers
3 Demonstrating the usual freezing a wet t-shirt to prove how cold it is
4 Demonstrating how fast skin freezes
5 Explaining wind chill factor

So since we are all so stupid I think this weekend when it will still be 100 degrees out, I will put on some sweats and go out for a jog (even though I've never jogged in my life) about 2:00 pm. No need to drink any water either because that will just make me pee. But before I leave I'll turn the oven on and put a turkey in to roast and turn the a/c off to conserve energy.

And this coming winter I will probably shovel the snow in my jammies and socks and lift straight from the back. Then I will take off my jammies and make lovely fluffy snow angels.

As mammals we are instinctive and will do what it takes to be safe and comfortable (except teen-agers because their brains aren't fully functioning). Even my dog is smart enough to find shade and drink out of the bird bath when it's hot. So I don't need any local or national media people giving me any more tips on what to do in extreme weather. I got it, Duh.....


Grumpy said…
They have time to fill and think we're stupid. Annoying.
Alex Soloviov said…
In winter I like cold, and in summer I like the heat. I switch. I love the heat very much. The body produces sweat for cooling. If your body is wet, you can sense a light breeze that gives you great pleasure.
And I do not listen to advice funny media. Several years ago, lightning struck to the TV antenna. Now my family is forced to find their own ways to fight for survival :(
Valerie said…
What did we do in the good old days before so-called experts were thought of? I often wonder why they issue the same warnings year after year, I mean - which age bracket are they trying to catch?

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