I Mite Have A Problem

This little story has gotten me more bugged than anything ever has. And all because of some baby birds. We have 3 bird houses and one of them is in our Oak tree in the front yard. It's kind of a cheap one that came in a kit and my Mom gave it to Hubby one Christmas. It's all separated in the back but has still raised a few families of babies.

After my walk one day I looked out front and saw that it was on the ground. I ran out because I knew there were babies in there. I picked the house up and one little guy had fallen out. He tried to get away from me but I scooped him up and shoved him in the hole. By then Hubby had come out and I told him to get the ladder so we could put it back up.

Then I noticed the bugs on my hands and arms. I had only been holding the house for a few minutes but I was covered. I wiped them off and set the house down until the ladder came out. I volunteered to do the climbing. He handed me a new nail with a bigger head and I hammered away until it felt secure. I watched for awhile until the parents came back and the normal feeding continued and then left for the gym.

Then the itching started. Not like a normal itch, more like a feeling of something moving on me. But yet I didn't really associate the bugs until later. I put up with the itching until about 4:00 and I was so miserable I had to take a shower. The water actually burned on my back. I took the blanket off of my chair and put it outside and replaced it with an old towel. My husband put some cortisone lotion on my back and finally I got some relief.

Then I made the mistake of looking up bird mites online. It was not pretty; mite infestations are hard to get rid of, they can live for 9 months without a host (me). I was freaking out! They are everywhere I have sat. They were in my car seat the next day. As soon as I got in I could feel them crawling on me. I went to my Mom's and sat in her chairs. Freaking out some more.

I don't think I've actually been bitten because I saw those pictures too and they looked horrid. But just to know that they are crawling on me makes me feel like I have crabs or lice. I vacuumed my chair, wiped off my car seat with a damp towel to pick them up, washed the blanket and towels that were on my chair and washed my sheets. I still feel them though, probably just phantom bugs but still, it's very unnerving.

I enjoy my little birdies, but if that house falls down again, they are on their own.


Grumpy said…
Too late. You'll have to have the house sealed and fumigated while you live in a motel for a few days.

Kin Lam said…
The internet stories are indeed scary but you shouldn't believe them. I had bird mites in my house a month ago from a birds nest outside of my office. I also had quite a scare from what I read online. But when I talked to the professionals from my city Extension Office and my cat's veterinarian, they are said the bird mites will die off on their own without a bird present. I called a reputable Pest Control and the owner told me that same thing. He even said that the County of Los Angeles told them not to treat bird mites unless it truly out of control.

For my situation, I removed the nest, vacuumed and wiped down the whole house. The set off a Raid fogger at the office where it was most infested. I still see one or two lingering around but it take time for them to go away completely.
Mr. Shife said…
Wow. The thanks you get for trying to help out the birds. Jeez. Hope the itching subsides and things get better for you. Take care.
Valerie said…
How awful. I felt itchy just reading this. I must remember never, ever to touch a birdhouse.

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