Holding Me Hostage

I got a new HP printer a little over a year ago, just a cheap one to take care of my occasional printing needs. I've always had HP and most of the time bought their cartridges fearing the voided warranty if I used off brand or refilled ones.

After the installed cartridges ran out on the new printer, I started buying them at Cartridge World, much cheaper and good quality. All was fine until a few months ago when I needed to print something. My printer refused my request telling me that I didn't have the HP black cartridge installed. I tried over and over to no avail.

How can something like this just happen overnight? I started researching online and found forums as far back to 2010 that others were having the same issue. From what I can conclude is that when I did an HP update on either my computer or printer, it made it impossible to use foreign cartridges. I read where some were able to reset the chip or work around it somehow but it didn't seem to have a lasting effect.

I bought an HP black cartridge and installed it, then was told by my printer that my color one is also not right. I knew that, but thought I could sneak that one through. So I paid the ransom of 37 bucks for both cartridges, and that's not even for the XL ones. After I aligned them, my printer purred and thanked me for using HP and 'click here' for a special offer. No thanks.

I'm glad I don't need to print much and these should last awhile but I don't like the idea of a big company taking my MY property hostage to force me to buy their products to be able to keep using MY property. I bought it, it's mine, and I should be able to stick what I want in it.


Grumpy said…
I agree, it's a lousy business practice. I also think the cost of cartridges is highway robbery.
Valerie said…
It's the same with Epsom, although I have been able to sneak a foreigner in. Under considerable protest on the part of the machine, but it did eventually allow me to continue.
Claire M. King said…
I have the same hang ups about Microsoft at times.

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