And Peace Reigned Over The 'Hood

Although Summer has barely begun, it has been off to a lovely start. School is out and everything is quiet. We're able to sit on our yard swing in the early mornings or evenings. So far, I've had nothing stolen out of our yard.

Our not-so-close neighbor has decided that he CAN park in his own driveway. He either moved a few cars up or out of the way in order to do that. It wasn't that hard now fella, was it?

Without school in session, traffic is lessened and my morning walks are so peaceful I can actually hear the birds.

Our messy neighbors have had a relatively clean yard since the husband moved out (force-ably). The wife has had different people moving in and out but I think they are just there to help with rent. There have been absolutely no issues at all.

Our next door doggy hoarder neighbors have brought one more home. After they got down to the legal limit of 3, I guess they felt that had to save another one. It's a little Doxie mix which loves to bark of course. But Curtis has been very good about keeping the whole lot quieter, it's not much of a problem.

I just don't know how I can handle all this peace and quiet, but I will do my best.


Valerie said…
I didn't know there were limits to dog ownership. It's a great idea though and I wish it applied where I live. Enjoy continuing peace and quiet!
Grumpy said…
Can I poll your neighbors on their feelings about you? At least the guy moved his car.
kden said…
What's not to love about me? I keep a clean, weed free yard. I don't park my car in front of other people's houses. I only have one dog who doesn't get up off the lawn to bark at anything anymore. And I save baby birds.
Grumpy said…
You can be my neighbor anytime. I've got a few I would gladly trade for you.
Mr. Shife said…
Enjoy it, kden. Hope you have a great 4th of July. We actually came up north to spend time at the in-laws to cool down but it's just as hot up here. Take care.

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