Just No Pleasing Her

Our Grandson was graduating from Preschool and our DIL sent us a picture invitation via email. I sent it to The Kid because she wouldn't be here and wouldn't have seen it otherwise. It had a cute picture of him on it as well as an invitation to dinner afterwards and their address.

A few days later The Kid posted it on FB with the address blurred out. The DIL found out about it through our Sons when they chatted over the weekend. She emailed me and gave me a long lecture on internet privacy for children and she had not given The Kid permission to use it. Then she had the audacity to say that thieves would come to her home and steal things because she gave them exactly what they needed to know; when they would be gone and their address.

I answered back as brief as I could telling her that I had asked The Kid to take the post down and said "at least she had the brains to blur your address." I can understand and respect her stance on internet safety for her kids, but to suggest that my Kid was stupid enough to leave someones address out there is ridiculous. I have taught my own daughter as well.

This is not the first time we have clashed in the last few months. To try to make this short, we were not invited to their youngest son's birthday in April. We waited and waited for the invitation that never came so we sent our usual check and just figured they didn't have a party. When we found out they did at their house, our Son's excuse is that they 'didn't have room.' Really? Two more people would take up so much more room in their 4000 sq foot home?

After a few heated phone calls and emails through her and our Son, it came to light that it was her 'perception' that we were uncomfortable or not having a good time last year so they decided not to invite us. Again, really? I explained to her that because my Husband had done something which caused her Aunt to embarrass me terribly in front of everyone, it was not fun. And maybe I am not loud and boisterous like her family and enjoy dumb little games at a one year old's birthday party......that's really not a reason to not invite us. We went to the older boy's party a few months later and had a great time.

That incident seemed to cool off, but now this. If her husband, my son, The Kid's brother, had just called her and asked her to take it down it wouldn't have blown into this whole big thing. I just turned 57 years old and do not need to be lectured by someone younger than me about internet safety.

I just feel like no matter what I do, she will never be happy about it. In the past when their kids' birthday check hadn't been cashed in a month I emailed to ask if they even got it. All I got back was her telling me how busy she is and now I just 'reminded her what a bad mother she is.' I apparently don't act jubilant enough at birthday parties or have proper internet etiquette. Oh, if she only knew about my blog and all the pictures I post of the family without their permission!!

We went to the graduation and dinner and had a good time without any incidents. If she could just let everyone get together and not worry so much about who is or is not having a good time. We are all adults, we don't need managing like the kids do.


Grumpy said…
She probably has a Facebook page of her own filled with pictures of her kids.
kden said…
No, neither of them do. She says parents share too much and kids don't have a choice and won't like what they have posted when they grow up. **eye roll**
Mr. Shife said…
DIL sounds like a huge PITA. Hope you have a nice weekend, kden, and you have an open invitation to Kyle or Hayden's next birthday party if you want. =) Take care.
kden said…
Matt, then we can put ALL of the pictures on Facebook :)

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