The Time Is Now

I woke up last Tuesday and didn't have anything like this on my mind. But as the morning wore on and before I went to my Mom's, I had a thought to run something by her. I'm usually wary of doing things like this, not really knowing how she is going to take it. But when I got to her house with a load of groceries I knew it was the right time to do it.

She has never come outright and asked more of my time, more like just hinted. She knows I have to work but I do make the time when she's not feeling good. She is still not up to par as far as her dizziness goes and I think she realizes that she may never be. She's been alone for about 17 years and I know it's starting to worry her.

So I just cut to the chase and asked her if she would like me to quite my job with My Lady and work the same hours for her. I told her how My Lady is not doing well; her doctor is requesting her to get more tests, she sleeps for hours at a time during the day and is growing more confused. She will be 89 next week. There is more responsibility for us girls; taking care of ever changing meds, getting her to doctors' appointments and just keeping her satisfied. Her daughter works full time and leaves us to our own devices sometimes. I think I am done.

My Mom gets it. She's tired and could use the extra help. She jumped on the idea. We discussed it like a couple of business women. I'm grateful she can pay me for my time when many families don't have that luxury. And if I didn't need to work, I wouldn't accept it.

If I had asked her 6 months ago or even two, the timing wouldn't have been right. But she's worn out and so am I. This will be good for both of us. I can work on some deep cleaning and on days she feels good we can clean things out together. Or she said we can just drink wine :) Oh the perks! (We really would not do this,  it's just fun to joke about) She said we may get on each others nerves so we can just go in our separate corners, but eye rolling is not allowed, ha.

On Wednesday when I was getting ready to go to My Lady's, her daughter called to say that she was in the hospital again and will likely be staying a night or two. I was going to call her over the weekend but thought I just better rip that band aid off and give her my two weeks notice then. She was quite surprised and I apologized for the timing. But really, would any time be good?

So half of the deed is done, now I just will have to tell My Lady that our long run is coming to an end. Through all the trials and tribulations I am still honored to have been a part of her life.


Grumpy said…
Sounds like the perfect solution for you and your Mom.
Mr. Shife said…
Life works out in mysterious ways. Sounds like an ideal situation for you and your mom. Glad to hear it, kden. Take care.

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