New Business Idea

I was driving home from my Mom's the other day and passed by the same latte stand I always do. The sign told about their happy hour on certain days.

I thought to myself, "Why don't latte stands ever have an un-happy hour?" Why does everything have to be so darn happy? It's almost a sin anymore to complain about things and tell people why you're miserable on a particular day. Sure, we should all think positive but what about when you're having a really crappy day and you just want someone to listen without judgement.

So this is a new latte business I'm going to propose. If any one of you takes this idea and runs with it, I would just like a small cut of the profits for the idea.

Bitchin' Beans

UnHappy Hours 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Everyday has a different theme. Before you order your drink, tell the barista your story and you will receive a dollar off. She will genuinely care about you and listen while she's making your drink.

Mopey Monday-What's making you sad today?
Terrible Tuesday-Spill your guts about your day.
Weepy Wednesday-What made you cry today?
Ticked Off Thursday-What or who ticked you off today?
Fried Friday-Why are you totally exhausted today?
Sick Saturday-Are you sick in body or spirit today?
Somber Sunday-How can today get any worse?

You will leave with a great cup of coffee and feel lighter because you got something off your chest.

Hellavu an idea I think!


Grumpy said…
Good luck retaining employees.
Claire M. King said…
Love it! Bartenders beware.
kden said…
Part of their insurance package will include antidepressants :)

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