Mean Girl

I have a Facebook friend who I went to school with, all 12 years of it. Over a year ago she friended me but never interacted with me so I unfriended her. Oh the power of the unfriend button. She recently asked again so I accepted, although I really didn't want to.

She was one of popular girls, I was not. We hung out a little but weren't the best of friends. When we were younger I was friends with her twin sister Jan. After she developed a brain tumor I was the only one that would play with her when she couldn't really keep up anymore. I used to carry her around on my back and I kept her laughing. She died when we were in the 6th grade.

I think I just liked being with Joy because she was popular. But it sure didn't make me any more popular. Many times I was just the butt of her jokes or used as her pawn. She was mean and nowadays it would be considered bullying. Just a few examples of what she did to me:

*Some guy had a crush on  her, she didn't feel the same. Her bright idea was to write him an anonymous note from 'someone' who had a crush on him, and that would make him forget about her. She talked me into putting the note in his locker. I was spotted by his friends and now I became the 'anonymous crusher'. The whole experience was pretty humiliating.

*Another time we were downtown and there were a bunch of guys nearby. She yelled out "Kden likes you!" and pulled my skirt down in front of them.

*And then once she pushed me down a flight of stairs high school. My books and papers were scattered at the bottom, just like me. I'm lucky I didn't break my damn neck. She thought it was funny.

Why I put up with it I'll never know. Being a teenager is hard, I just wanted to fit in. But I know I sure wouldn't allow anyone to treat me like that now. I'd rather have no friends than friends like that.

After we all graduated and went our separate ways I only saw her a few times, the last time being about 11 years ago when her daughter was young. She is now twice divorced and moving back to our hometown. I think she and another classmate have become an item. I don't go 'home' much anymore so chances of running into her are quite slim. Although next year is our 40th reunion so I will have to ponder that.

I have no desire to see her, and frankly seeing her on Facebook bugs me.  I don't interact with her much at all and clicking that unfriend button again is quite tempting.


Grumpy said…
You don't need the aggravation and she doesn't sound like the kind of person you would want in your life. If you don't want to unfriend her you can just hide all posts by her.

Experience has taught me that people don't change the core of who they are; asshole 40 years ago, asshole now.
fernvalley01 said…
ith "friends"like that...

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