Lazy, But Feeling Good About It

With Spring comes flowers, rain, rainbows, and WEEDS. Weeds and encroaching grass into flower beds. I'm not crazy about yard work but I do it anyway. It's very satisfying to finish and see how nice the yard looks.

The trouble is, it takes me forever. I can only work for an hour at a time. My back hurts, arms and shoulders ache and my hands swell. By the time I'm done with everything, it's time to start all over again.

Although I had a good start on the back yard I was feeling lazy and looking for help. I looked on Craigslist for anyone advertising to do yard work. I'd rather work with an individual instead of a company so I found a girl and texted her.

After a few back and forth texts, her and a friend showed up to give me a bid. I just assumed that her bid would be too high and she would have wasted her time in coming. But I showed her what I wanted done explaining that the weeds aren't that hard but the grass is horrible. In that particular area my husband had edged the beds with large rocks and each one has to be pulled out to get the grass out from under them. They didn't seem to balk at the job though and she asked for 25 bucks each.

I would have been a fool to pass that up. They both worked for 2 solid hours and filled 4 bags full of weeds and grass. They were digging, edging, and pulling the whole time. When they finished I gave them 30 each, still less than what they deserved. I had originally only wanted them to do the back yard but after seeing what a good job they did I asked if they would like to do the front too...only after some rest :)

She explained that her home had been foreclosed on and she was living in an apartment and that it felt good to get out in a yard again. She also said that in June, she would be having a double mastectomy and was trying to make as much money as she could up until then.

She came back a few days later with another friend and they did the front yard in 2 hours and I gave her another 60 bucks. There are a few small areas that Hubby and I will have to work on but it feels so good that it's all done and I can maintain it better. But most of all, I was glad I called her out of all the others and was able to help her some too.


Grumpy said…
What a deal! Give her my number.
Mr. Shife said…
Well that's a nice story, kden. Glad you got your yard fixed up and you were also able to help someone out. When we first bought our house, I used to enjoy yard work but after 11 years I am not a big fan. Looking forward to passing the lawnmower to Kyle someday soon. Enjoy your weekend.
Claire M. King said…
Sounds like a win win situation to me. This is a nice story an a nice yard.

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