Is It Possible?

Is it really possible that for the first time in a long time things seem to be going smoothly for us? I keep looking behind me for the big bad bogey man (you know, the one in my mind) to squash it all but so far he hasn't caught up with me.

Hubby is still enjoying his job, although looking forward to having a new driver this fall. The one he has now is more of a problem than the kids themselves. He doesn't know if he wants to work any of the recruiting events over the summer but we should still be OK. He'll have a couple weeks of paid training toward the end of summer.

My Mom and I aren't tired of each other yet, although it's only been a few weeks. I think she's having a hard time coming up with things for me to do and believes I'm bored. Depending on how she feels, she waffles back and forth between saying, "I felt horrible yesterday and almost called you" to "I just don't think I'm going to have enough for you to do and will probably not need you come fall." I'll just go with the flow and see how things work out. I certainly can't beg her to keep me on, it has to be her decision.

The Kid has finally chosen a Major, thank you Baby Jesus!!!! She will be completing coursework in Visual Communication Design. This will enable her to be an User Interface Designer, Web designer, Graphic Designer or Advertising Designer. I think it would be way over my head and no doubt challenging, but I believe she can do it. I'm just thrilled she found something that sparked her interest.

I think we will actually be able to swing a vacation this summer. We're going somewhere a little cheaper but still right by the ocean. We haven't been to Long Beach Peninsula in a long time and although it's not my all time favorite destination, it's still close enough to take a day trip to Astoria or even Cannon Beach. We haven't told The Kid yet. She wants to get a job this summer either on or off campus and I don't want to get in the way of her search. After last year I'm just a little leery of her going with us. I'll wait until school is out and see how her summer is shaping up before I mention it. Unless she actually reads my blog then she will know right now!

I started taking a new anti-depressant about 2 months ago. So far it has very minimal side affects and I think I do feel better, more even keel emotionally (or like I told my doctor, less bitchy). Or it could be that things are going better all the way around. But either way I will stick with it.

And lastly, the only known picture of Kden and My Lady. Before I left I asked for hug and she put her little head on my shoulder and we had a nice moment. It's weird how much I think of her and wonder how she is. Just not enough to go back.


Grumpy said…
Sounds like a major that will mean a job right out of college. And yes, we will never fully understand what she does.

Thank God for anti-depressants. I wish I had discovered them earlier.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear all of the good news, kden. It makes me very happy to hear this. Congrats to the kid. A pretty good major that should lead to a pretty good job right out of school like Grumpy mentioned. If she is ever wanting to see how much she likes advertising, my company has a pretty awesome summer internship. The name of the company is Drake Cooper and it's called the Backstage Pass. Take care and loved seeing the photo of you and the lady. Take care.

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