Good One, Kden

My husband and I both take blood pressure medicine, just different kinds. He also takes a separate water pill; I do not. Sometimes though, I take one of his the morning after I've eaten something quite salty.

A bottle of his pills were on the table one Saturday morning because he needed to call in a refill. I assumed they were the water pills and took one. I then took my own bp pill and vitamins. Then I went to the gym. I had such a hard time getting through, it felt like my very first day. No energy, and totally wiped out. I also noticed that I didn't pee any more than usual. Very strange.

Two days later I took one more of what I thought were his water pills then went to the cupboard to get my bp med out. Right on the shelf I saw the water pills. So what in the Hell was I taking? I was taking his bp medicine and then taking my own, whoops. No wonder I felt like crap that day, my blood pressure was way too low. I passed on my own bp med but did take a water pill. THAT one worked.........all day long.

So what have we learned here?

1) Don't take anyone else's prescription medicine.
2) If you're going to anyway, at least read the bottle so you know what you're taking.

Another little tip from Kden is to never drink Dr. Pepper with your evening meal. The caffeine in it is surprisingly like a jolted cup of coffee and you will be awake until your alarm goes off. Then you will want to shoot Woody and Wilcox; because they're idiots. I have learned this lesson more than once but hopefully this will be the last time.


Grumpy said…
That is a good one. I'd laugh if it didn't sound potentially dangerous.
kden said…
Ah go ahead, I sure did.
Claire M. King said…
Good grief. Good lessons.

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