I'm Cooking Now

Remember that fancy new pressure cooker I bought a few months ago? I've been using it every weekend and it has became my favorite piece of cookware. I love it so much in fact that I cooked IT on the stove one day. I think it turned out great.

I really wouldn't recommend you cook a pressure cooker though because it's only a one time recipe and now I can't cook WITH my pressure cooker. The whole cooking experience left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

We keep it sitting on the back burner of our glass top stove, even putting a cloth napkin under it so it won't scratch the stove top. When our daughter was  home on spring break she used the burner in front of it to cook something, so very wisely she moved the cooker aside. When I got home to make my own dinner I put it back where it's supposed to go and somehow by pushing it back, it pushed in the burner knob and turned it to simmer.

I cooked my dinner, ate my dinner while hubby and the kid went out to get their own dinner. As I was bringing my plate back to the kitchen I smelled this God-Awful burning plastic stench. I thought it might be the dryer and was ready to run downstairs when I saw the stove light on. My dinner burner was off but then I saw the other one ON. 

I prayed as I pulled the cooker off the burner and was nauseous as I saw what was left behind; a melted pile of black goo and napkin. While it was still hot I grabbed a plastic spatula and started scraping up what I could. Then as the crud began to cool I took a one sided razor blade and started to gently scrap and chip it off. It took me about 45 minutes, I had to explain it to the family, and I was so mad at myself. Not as mad as if someone else had done it, but still pretty mad. It looked so sad sitting there on it's head with all of its guts exposed. The wires still looked good so I gave it a try and it still worked. I would never leave it unattended like normal but was happy that I could at least hard boil some eggs.

The stove fared pretty well, no scratches from the razor blade and only one small gouge from possibly the plastic actually lifting the glass off. It's small though and I'm sure won't affect the burner itself. I got off lucky.

Embarrassed, I called the company and was told by a nice lady that it's not uncommon to have that happen. She instructed me to send a picture to support to see if they could just send a new bottom for $15.00 bucks. But they deemed my recipe for disaster to be more than just a bottom could fix. They will send out an entire new pot minus the lid and metal insert for $60.00. 

I think it's a fair deal for cooking the worst meal I ever have, and hopefully never will again.


Mr. Shife said…
So sorry kden. That is a major bummer. Been there done that. Usually though we don't bother calling the manufacturer hoping they take pity on us. We just buy a new one. Hope the new one arrives soon so you can whip some more meals. Take care my friend and enjoy your weekend.
fernvalley01 said…
that sucks! but at least you have a new one coming and you didn't have a fire
Grumpy said…
Lucky you didn't leave home. You could have lost more than the cooker.
Claire M. King said…
Too bad. Smart to try and see if it still worked though.

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