I'll Show You Belly Fat

I grabbed this picture from MSN's page recently. It accompanied an article titled "10 Reasons Your Belly Fat Won't Go Away."

If this is what we consider fat, no wonder we are so messed up with our body image. This girl is pinching her skin (and her side), not an ounce of fat in it. If they want a realistic ad, they ought to come over to my house, I could show them some serious belly fat.

I could show them double-fisted handfuls if they want to prove a point. It's the same thing with exercise equipment commercials showing people that already have six-pack abs. Show a normal person for God's sake and get real.

MSN's page reminds me of those rag magazines at the check-out stand; fluff or gossip pieces that have no real substance.

Some things just irk me to no end!


Grumpy said…
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?
kden said…
You do remember the title of my blog don't you? Just another day....

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