Doggy Drugs

Just in this past week I ordered another supply of pain medication and the supplement glucosamine/chondroitin/msm for our dog Nellie. Every night she gets them both crushed and put in her dinner. At age 14 and-a-half, it keeps the old girl going. She's got a bad limp and I'm sure she'd be in worse shape if we didn't give them to her.

I order her Rimadyl from Drs. Foster and Smith. It's cheaper than going through her Vet but they supply the prescription for her. I used to order a whole year's supply to get free shipping but their prices have gone up about 20 bucks a year so I had to cut back to a 4 month supply this time.

The supplement is bought from the same company we get our own vitamins. There's no need to buy the expensive joint medicine from a specialty store or Vet, people pills do just fine.

She still loves her walks in the morning and then sleeps the rest of the day either inside or out. She's probably about 80% deaf now so I use different hand gestures or talk loud to get my point across. No more greeting me at the door like she used to when she heard the key turn the lock. I can be home for a good 10 minutes before she knows I'm there and I go to her to give her pats on the head. She only eats once a day but it consists of dinner at 5:00, hard treats at 7:00, soft treats at 8:00, another small bowl of dog food, then it's off to bed. She knows what time it is too, and will keep bugging us until we follow her schedule.

We don't take her in our van much anymore because it's very hard for her to jump in. And Heaven forbid if I try and help her. I pick her up and she flails her legs and hurts herself more. The other night through we took her to my Mom's and it might be the last time. She gets the whole back bench seat to herself but she's not very steady on her feet anymore and won't sit down. I hit a small pot hole and she flew off the seat. Then my sun shade opened up and she was slipping and sliding all over the place. She seemed out of sorts at my Moms and by the time we got home she was exhausted and slept the rest of the night. She got an extra pain pill for that ordeal.

By the next morning she's a trooper and ready for the day to start all over again. So I'll happily keep buying those doggy drugs to keep her going until she can go no more.


Grumpy said…
She's a sweetheart. Don't you wish someone could find a way to extend the lives of dogs?
kden said…
Yes I do! Just at that in between age where they're not wild puppies and not elderly; but where they can go everywhere with you and be your hiking buddy. I miss those days the most and feel bad when we have to leave her behind.
Claire M. King said…
Good for you for doing what you can. I have a friend with a dog that has gone to unbelievable lengths and expense to keep her Spaniel going.
John Bain said…
What a nice looking dog. I'm glad you are helping her keep going.
Mr. Shife said…
Hang in there sweet Nellie. Hope she keeps going for a long time, kden. We are having our own doggie issues right now so I teared up a little bit reading this.

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