Binge Watching

I recently flew through an entire season of The Knick, a historical medical drama on Cinemax. I saw the premier as a special last summer on HBO so assumed it would continue there. I was hooked and wanted to keep up with it. I don't have Cinemax so was very bummed I couldn't watch anymore.

It's inspired by the Knickerbocker hospital in New York City in the early 1900's. Not all parts are historically correct but some are, as in the story line about Typhoid Mary. The lead surgeon (Clive Owen) is hooked on Cocaine and Opium which was used for pain relief in the hospital. A brilliant African American surgeon was also hired but wasn't allowed to operate by the uppity white surgeons. He took up his own doctoring in the basement of the hospital to the poorer African Americans in the city and perfected the hernia surgery. Only after he was discovered by Thack (head surgeon) and his perfected surgery found, was he allowed to do surgery alongside the others.

The hospital's manager mismanages money and is in debt to a mobster. A rich white woman who is the head of their social welfare's office has known the African American doctor since they were kids. A love affair ensues, she gets pregnant, he won't perform the abortion on his own child so she goes to the orphanage (that will make sense in a sec). The ambulance driver brings the hospital much needed cadavers (for a price) to practice new techniques on. A young nurse crushing on the head surgeon knows of his addiction and after starting to sleep with him, helps him get his fix when the availability of Cocaine runs out. A Sister who runs an orphanage secretly performs abortions on the side and is being blackmailed by the ambulance driver for a cut.

Are you hooked yet??? And I haven't even talked about the surgeries. They are done in an arena and many are experimental at best. A lot of blood and life lost, but I just can't look away!

So how was I able to finish watch this series? My daughter sent me a link to be able to watch TV shows, any series from any channel, even cable.

I've re-watched the first two seasons of Orange Is The New Black before the new season starts this summer and can't wait for The Knick to come back too. I'll keep watching any show I want until the site is taken down or I end up wearing my own Orange jumpsuit.


Grumpy said…
We too have found work arounds for all sorts of viewing. Even one that allows my wife to watch German TV in real time. Like you, I keep waiting for the knock on the door.
Claire M. King said…
I have never heard of this show s I only have basic cable. My movie watching is usually the Hallmark channel. Lord help me!

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