3rd Apartment And Beyond

Since my Husband was working, it was my job to find a new apartment. I was looking in the paper and found one that was located basically right around the corner from where we were. I think I went first to check it out and it was a hot summer day. It was a basement apartment of a house. It's funny how I went from a basement, to an upper, then back to a basement. I met the homeowner Gary and he showed me down the stairs. It was love at first feel.....as it was nice and cool. I was sold right there but of course had to have my Husband take a look.

He liked it also so we signed a lease right there. It was a great little place, small but very cozy. Warm in the winter and oh so cool in the summer. If we had not had our daughter 10 years later I think we might still be there!
Again, tiny little basement windows to peer out of
The landlords were nice people and if we shoveled snow or mowed the lawn, we got to take some off of the rent. He could be a little fussy and he and Hubby butted heads a few times but for the most part we got along. In the summer they had a place at the lake and would be gone most of the summer. They would have us go upstairs into their home once a week to grab their mail and forward it to them.  They were the best landlords we ever had and they felt the same way about us as renters. We exchanged Christmas cards up until just a few years ago. They never had kids of their own and enjoyed seeing how The Kid grew.

I was over my party stage by then so we were pretty quiet and just living our life. My Mom would come to town occasionally to stay with us and our dear friend Scott often stayed there too while in town. For its small size, it was a 2 bedroom so there was always room for a guest. We had two kitties by then, my original Mama Kitty plus her daughter. We had a lot of good memories in that place.

Ten years into our stay there, I was surprised to find out I was pregnant. The spare bedroom was now going to be a nursery. I made the curtains myself and still have them after all these years. We borrowed a crib and Scott helped us put it together. He got to spend some time with us before she was born but then had to go back home.

Catching a few moments of silence before heading to the hospital.
Mama Kitty in the corner, we have invaded her room
Although our daughter cried a lot, our landlords never heard her, so for that we were grateful. But after a few months we could tell that our old beloved basement would not be big enough for a little one as she got older. Our landlord's mother had an empty home and he asked if we wanted to rent it.

I pretty much packed up the place by myself while trying to hold the fussiest baby in the world. I could not put her down. It was very stressful and one particularly hard day I could not find one of her items, a baby book of some kind. My husband actually offered the explanation that I might have thrown it away by mistake. I may have been brain dead but you do NOT tell me that I would have thrown a precious keepsake away!!! You have never seen so much steam as I blew my top. I handed him The Baby and I ran away; left the apartment in October with no coat and walked to the nearest park. I regretted the no coat idea immediately but couldn't turn back now. Good luck with that breastfeeding thing buddy. He had no idea where I was but I could see him driving past the park, in and out of the neighborhoods. He then went home and called my brother to come and find me. As much as I didn't want to go back, I was freezing and the ol' milk bags were filling up. We can laugh about it now....sort of.
We called them the 'tan' family. Every home they owned was tan,
even the carpets inside. I got to hate the color!
We moved into that house when The Baby was only 3 months old. I really missed the little apartment and still have fond memories when I drive by. I never really felt comfortable in the house. Gary wanted us to use the furniture (his Mom's) that was there so it never felt like home. The rest of the neighborhood were home owners and looked down on us 'renters', so we made no friends. Gary put in a huge shop in the backyard for his cars which cut down the yard to postage stamp size. Hubby wanted to buy it but thankfully Gary said no. We were only there two years before having the urge to buy our own home.

I went out with a Realtor one day and found our house before it even officially went on the market. I walked in and pretty much knew I wanted it. I told my husband he better come over on his lunch break and we started the proceedings to buy my first home.

So in April of 1998 we made the big move with a toddler and our sweet Mama Kitty. Her daughter had to be put down before the move, on the same day we officially signed the papers. We've been here for almost 17 years. The Kid is grown, Mama Kitty is gone and Nellie is 14. Who knows what the future holds as far as where we will live. But you can bet I will be taking pictures of it all.


Grumpy said…
You would think by that age you would have figured out how pregnancy is caused and wouldn't be surprised. Just kidding.

Reading this, I wish I had taken pictures of all the places I lived.
Mr. Shife said…
Thanks for sharing, kden. It was a good walk down memory lane with you. Our house right now is the longest I have ever lived in one place - 11 years - and don't want to move anytime soon. I guess being a military brat makes me want to stay in one place. Take care.
fernvalley01 said…
wow! sounds like you were the perfect renters! funny how folks can judge, you sound like great people, and they (the neighbors) missed out .

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