2nd Apartment

Let's continue this little trip down apartment memory lane. As I said, I moved into this upper duplex with Harold, a younger work friend. If you remember my old stories of co-workers, you will recall this did not end well. The rent on this abode ran me $175.00. I don't have any pictures of the outside of this place since it is long gone. This is a long ago shot from that time. Check out the posters, Rainier Beer and Pink Floyd. Ah, the good old days.

Good Morning, Little Mary Sunshine
Other than some hard times, I had a lot of 'firsts' and fun times too. I got my first cat in this apartment and she lived to be with me half of my life when she finally passed. I made a lot of friends through Zips while living here and learned to drive my first column stick-shift. One of the guys from work took me out looking for cars. I had 500 bucks cash and bought a  '66 Chevy 4 door Bel Air but didn't even know how to drive it. He had to drive it home for me and then teach me. Good times. I was also living here when I met my now Husband.

This place was sweltering in the summer, often reaching over 100 degrees, and freezing in the winter. In the beginning I used the back bedroom which only had single pane widows which would freeze over. The back steps were a suicidal climb as they were fully out in the elements and rarely shoveled off. I think I tumbled down them more than once.

One funny story took place in the summer. Hot as heck with no air conditioner, we had an old swamp cooler in the so called 'dining room'. Hubby and I drug our mattress right under it to stay cool while we slept. One night, a drunk guy came up the back steps and opened the door. The lock didn't work very well....or maybe not at all. I jumped up but my husband felt he needed to dress for the occasion and went to the bedroom to put some pants on. The first pair he grabbed were dress slacks. So by the time he got to the door, I had already thrown the bum out! So there he was, all dressed up with no one to rumble with.

Our driveway was very long and wide that lead up to the garage. The first winter we had together there, left us shoveling a lot, all by hand. We probably only had one shovel between us. One particularly brutal day of shoveling by my beloved, left him hopping mad when it was time to finally get the car out, and I backed it right into the snow bank that he had spent hours building. I guess I hadn't mastered the stick as well as I had thought.

When I first moved in, there was a younger couple that lived there. When they left, a middle aged single woman moved in, who when drunk, would play over and over and over the song Lady by Kenny Rogers. I don't think she was there very long before 2 older sisters moved in, named Goldie and Irene.

They were both pretty nice but we liked one more than the other. They would watch our place and feed our cats when we were gone. Once they had taken in this older blind man to recuperate after a surgery or something. They put him in one of the bedrooms and told him if he needed them, to rap his cane on the wall. One night late, they called us frantically because they heard noises and thought someone was in the basement. It was kind of a communal basement so Hubby went downstairs to investigate. There was a creepy little bedroom set up for their nephew who crashed there sometimes but no one was there. We finally called the cops when the noise continued. They did their investigating too when finally it dawned on someone that all this time it was the blind man who probably had to pee pretty bad by then, who was whacking his cane on the wall. Never a dull moment around that place.

We moved out around 1985, only because it was going to be taken down to make room for more offices. So we were on the hunt for a new apartment...stay tuned.


Grumpy said…
These experiences make great stories, probably because we all have crazy apartment experiences in our past.
Mr. Shife said…
Good stuff, kden. Love reading about your previous life before you got domesticated. =) Hearing about your "2nd apartment" reminded me a lot about a few of the places I lived in Moscow. Amazing what we didn't mind because we didn't know any better or we couldn't afford. Take care my friend.

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