And The Beat Goes On

My Husband was finally put on a permanent route for his job. He had been with the driver before, so at least knew who he was. The bus is a mix of Behavioral kids and HEART (homeless/displaced) students. He said it's a pretty good route made easier by no wheelchairs or kids to strap in (some behavioral kids need to be strapped to the seat). The driver actually drives him more crazy than the kids. But, he gets his break during the day (nap time) and is home by 6 for dinner. I am a little worried about summer though with no pay check for 3 months. But for now things are good.

All of our year end paperwork is now done! Got insurance, FAFSA filed and just waiting for financial aid package, and taxes done.  Now I get about 9 months rest before it starts all over again.

I got my 2014 blog book printed and my Husband read it and wanted more. So I dug out the box and let him start from the beginning, 2008. He's loving them, even the posts about him! He gets my sarcastic humor even when he's the butt of the joke. He says I have missed my calling (writing). I don't know about that, but I'm glad he likes them (and me, warts and all).

My Sister-in-law entered the hospital on February 10 for her stem cell transplant process. She will be there for a month. When she gets home she will be in quarantine for 3 months. She cannot leave the house. Visitors can come but no hugging or touching. No flowers or outside food. All food must be packaged and eaten right away, no leftovers. If this treatment works, she has a 70% chance of living 5-7 more years. It's a lot to take in, but she is handling it with much grace. She told my brother he has a choice of being angry, or appreciating and enjoying the time they have left together.

This has been really hard on him, he's had to take on a lot more. He retired just as she was being diagnosed last summer. She has one daughter out of town and also a step-daughter whom my brother does not get along with, so it's probably worse to have her there. Naturally our Mom is now under a lot of stress and feels as helpless as the rest of us.

Over a recent weekend My Lady went to the hospital when one of the girls noticed that she was talking gibberish and looked very confused. She spent 3 nights there after being diagnosed with a T.I.A from having extremely high blood pressure. I was there when she came home, looking much more frail and fragile. She has a whole new list of meds which will be a lot harder to keep track of. My Lady was always very good about keeping track of what she took and when. It will be hard for her to hand over that last little bit of independence to us. But at least she's at home, it could be worse.

The Kid came home last weekend but she had so much homework it was almost like she wasn't here. Saturday she worked from 9-5 just on a computer design class and didn't even get as far as she had hoped. We had dinner together and then watched some TV before bed. Sunday was more of the same, but she had to quit by lunch so we could eat and take her back. I think it's been a tough year for her so far. She barely passed one class in the first quarter and is looking at the same for a class this quarter. She works her ass off so I know it's not for a lack of trying. Sometimes I just want to keep her here and put her back in Kindergarten, when things were easier....for all of us.

So for all of us, The Beat Goes On.......


bill said…
What does your sister in law have, Kden? A few months back my daughter went through the Stem Cell Replacement process?
kden said…
She has Mantle Cell Lymphoma Bill, one of the rarest of the non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas. I hope your daughter is feeling better.
Grumpy said…
That's a lot going on. I don't envy Tony dealing with those kids.

Hope all goes well for your sister-in-law.
bill said…
She's in remission. They told her five to seven years of living but some have lived longer. I hoe the best for your sister in law.
kden said…
Thanks guys for your well wishes. Grumpy, he actually likes this group of kids. One little guy who is just a preschooler has taken quite a shine to him (and visa versa), and one day he had to take an afternoon off, all the kids asked where he was :) I think it's good for him.
Mr. Shife said…
Well I am certainly glad to hear about all of the good news but sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and brother. Enjoy your weekend kden, and take care of yourself. =)
Claire M. King said…
It sure is sad to hear about your sis in law. Hope she is ok. Glad Tony is doing well and your Lady is back home.

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