Visiting The Big House

No.....not that big house!! I'm talking about my Step-Son's new home. They were unpacked enough to let us come for a visit soon after Christmas. The Kid was still in town so we grabbed the Grandkids' gifts and drove the short 15 minute drive north of us. Sorry no pictures, but didn't think it would be appropriate.

The $370K, 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 4000 sq. foot home sits in a quiet cul-de-sac. Geesh, just reading that intimidates me. As with anywhere they have lived, shoes off at the door is a rule. I hate taking my shoes off. My feet hurt on bare floors and I would have brought my slippers but didn't want to carry too much. Anyone who wants you to remove your shoes should at least provide a chair to sit in. So I lean up against a doorjamb to yank them off. Putting them back on was just as much fun.

This place is huge, huge, huge. A home I would have never even been able to dream about in about a gabillion years. A family or great room on the immediate right which for now is the boys' playroom until it gets moved to the basement someday. That room has carpet as does the smallish living room. The rest of the house has hardwood floors. And I mean every single inch is hardwood, slippery as oiled glass. Big windows and high ceilings. The place was cold and echoed when we talked.  There are 2 gas fireplaces which they won't be able to use for years because their kids are too young to know better not to touch.

We went upstairs, on the hardwood slippery steps wearing only socks. There is a baby gate on the bottom and top. If the kids go up or down they have to be escorted, by hand, every single time. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs, still hardwood. The master bath is probably as big as our living room with heated floors.

We didn't get to see the basement but there is another bedroom and bath down there with wiring/plumbing for a possible kitchen and plenty of spaces for possibly more bedrooms and another bath. Holy crap! I don't believe there are any more kids in the future. Are they planning on adopting a tribe or something? This house is bigger than his brother's new house and I thought that was pretty impressive.

The backyard is nice with mostly trees and shrubs and the front yard is beautifully manicured and included a basketball hoop (don't all cul-de-sac homes?)

Maybe I'm just old and have always had to think small in relation to my bank account but this would be too darn much house for me. I'm happy for them though, they've worked hard for it and it's great that they are now able to settle down and raise their boys so close to family.


Grumpy said…
I wouldn't want to clean 4,000 sq. ft
Peruby said…
Does "she" have an elderly mother or father she plans to move into the downstairs basement area? or, is she planning a live-in nanny?
Mr. Shife said…
We live in a smaller, older home and have thought about upgrading but one of the reasons we have not pursued it is because we can barely keep our current home clean. Enjoy your weekend, kden.
Claire M. King said…
4k square feet sounds like too much house for any family. Hope they can afford the staff to keep up with it. But...good for them.

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