Post Holiday

The holidays have come and gone and we are off and running into the New Year.

It was nice to get together with the family again but it didn't last long enough. Seeing my brothers once a year for 4 hours tops is not nearly enough. I notice that we are older, grayer, fatter, and it's hard to cram a year of catching up in that short amount of time. My Mom loves having all of her kids home and we are all her favorite (her standard line on Facebook).

My older brother's wife is going through treatment for Lymphoma. She's gone through initial chemo and radiation and as soon as certain counts come back up she will be admitted to the hospital for 3 weeks to go through more intense chemo and stem cell transplant. Since she is in-between all of this she was able to join us and she looked great.

My younger brother is as crazy as ever. His wit reminds me of the actor Chris D'Elia from Undateable. A quick and cutting wit, he can fling it faster than anyone I know. I sure miss him.

My nephew and his wife just bought a house in Portland. They were already renting it, so no moving will be involved. I would like to see them more often too. My standard gift to them is a large bag of home made caramel corn.

And The Kid came home for a full week of uninterrupted visiting. She's come home a day or two during vacation but that's it. I told her she could invite her boyfriend over for Christmas Eve but she elected not too because she was afraid that he would want her to go back with him that night and I don't think she wanted her birthday repeated.

My Lady gave me a bonus, one that I very clearly did not expect. I was taking bets on whether it would be a box of hot cereal like a few years ago or some bird suet. But I was extremely surprised by a check for $300.00. I asked her if she was sure, not wanting her daughter to think I was taking advantage of an elderly lady. It's been kind of a rough year.........for both of us, and maybe this was her way of acknowledging that and to say thanks.

The purple fuzzy robe that my husband thought I needed went back already. I don't really know why he thinks I need/want one. Ok, my current one is not that pretty. It's dark blue which is smart, it hides dirt better. It goes clear to my ankles which keeps my legs warm. It's lightweight which is good when a hot flash hits, so I don't implode from the heat. It has a hood which I don't use unless I'm hiding behind a door to scare my husband. Sometimes I don't even have to say 'BOO', I just stand there and he almost wets his pants. I look like a Druid or one of the sand people from Star Wars. But still, I don't want a stinking new robe that makes me look like a chubby purple polar bear thank you very much.

And then there's Nellie who loved her doggy Happy Meal. Now she's just waiting for all of us to get off our fat butts to take her for a walk.


Grumpy said…
Sounds like a good time.
Claire M. King said…
Yep, the time with family goes too fast. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you can see them more than once a year.
Claire M. King said…
Yep, the time with family goes too fast. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you can see them more than once a year.

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