Hand Over The Chicken And No One Gets Hurt

One more Christmas Eve story. We usually eat simple on that night, nothing fancy. For years it was pizza but some got burned out so we've been having a variety of options. This time we opted for a picnic with fried chicken and everyone would bring a salad of some sort.

I went to Rosauer's grocery store two days prior to put in my order for 2-16 piece chicken packs. I told them I would be there between 5:00 and 5:30. I was going to call and confirm my order to make sure it was being taken of but decided not to be so negative and think the worst. I mean, just because it's my usual luck for things to turn out that way it doesn't mean it would be the same with this.

"I'm here to pick up my order of chicken", I said at the deli counter, right at 5:00.

"Angela?", the girl said as she plunked down one whole chicken on the counter.

"Uh, nooooooooo. I had an order for 2 sets of 16 piece chicken that I ordered TWO DAYS AGO!"

Her and a young man start scrambling looking for my birdy pieces. He claimed they were down there but somebody else must have sold them.

The girl starts stammering, "Our fryers are off for the night."

"Oh I don't care, I'm not leaving without my 32 pieces of chicken, I've got 10 people waiting for dinner", I said in my calmest pissed off voice. I'm glad my daughter did not come in with me, she gets so darn embarrassed when I get on a rant.

The girl starts bagging up what chicken she had and said she would give me extra breasts. I said it should be well discounted since it's been sitting around all day; and I also asked to speak to the manager. She came up to me apologizing like crazy and made my calm tirade (oxymoron much?) pay off.

Although we only ended up with breasts and wings, it was discounted by 50% and she threw in a whole chicken for free too. That little bird stayed in our car to take home.

My husband and daughter had been having a running dialog about what was going on inside and who I was chewing out. So we had a good laugh on our way to my Mom's and everything turned out fine and nobody really cared about what piece of chicken they got. Well, my Mom was not pleased but getting half of her money back helped ease the pain (along with lots of left-overs.)

I'm not sure what next year will bring food-wise, but I'm guessing it won't be chicken.


Grumpy said…
Breasts and wings are the best pieces anyway. Next time you go off on somebody, video the whole thing with your phone.
Mr. Shife said…
Hi kden. Glad it all worked out but I agree with Grumpy as it would have been awesome to see some video. We finally got a Rosauer's down here in Boise but it's on the other side of town so I don't get there much. It was always the go-to grocery store when I lived in Moscow. Take care.
fernvalley01 said…
I dont blame you for getting irritated! I am so very tired of people who screw up, or dont listen. Its simply a case of -paying attention to detail! glad you got a deal at least

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