Foolish Or Practical?

My cleaning-out fervor has continued although we took a break over Christmas. We got back to the family room going through cupboards and drawers and tackling one of the computer desks.  I'd love to be able to give the computer desk to my step-son and his wife. They have an office with a computer for each of them and they're using picnic type tables because in two different moves, both of their computer desks have been broken. It's a big ol' heavy mother so I hope they will want to take it off our hands (they didn't, dammit!)

As they move into their new home I am counting the days (or years) that I can get out of this one. I think I am being practical, because the future as an older person (or at the very least, living with an older person) should be considered.

I have been going to this website for a 55+ community apartment complex. It's not a retirement home, I'm not ready for that yet! It's more for active boomers. You can rent with all utilities included as well as washer/dryer, wifi and cable. They also have a pub and lounge (with free happy hour twice a week), movie theater (24 hr), internet cafe, pool and spa, workshop, arts and crafts room, community room, fitness center, library, game room, outdoor kitchen and bbq, community garden, and yoga studio. I would love to take a tour now but don't wanted to be hounded and pressured for two years or more.

I've brought this place up to my husband and showed him a brochure but I don't think he's as sold on the idea as I am (he's warming up though). But all I see in my head is My Lady, now trapped in her own home and having everyone else making decisions for her. She and her husband were very set in their ways and would not consider downsizing to enjoy their last years in a more carefree environment. Now her daughter is cleaning out a room and not giving her the chance to pick what should stay or go. Everything will have to go sooner, rather than later. It's too late for later. I don't want that to be me.

We bought our home because of our daughter, not wanting to raise her in a cramped apartment. That need has been fulfilled and there will be no Grandchildren coming over. So why be tied to a house when we're older? If we were younger like most of her friends' parents, I wouldn't even consider this for another 10 years. But in 10 years my husband will be 78 years old; that's way too old to be maintaining a household like you can when you're 48.

I want to be around other people in a community. I want to do stuff with people. I am so flipping lonely and want to make new friends, and I think Hubby would too. My Mom lives in a 55+ mobile home community but she never sees anyone because she can't get over to the club house where they have lots of activities. So she sits alone in her home tethered to an air tank.

Now, whether we can afford this place or not is a whole other story. I am probably just dreaming. Rent for a 2 bedroom is about 1500.00 which isn't horrible but way above what we are paying now for everything combined.

So for now I guess I will just keep cleaning.......and dreaming.


Grumpy said…
You have to do what makes you happy.
Mr. Shife said…
I think it's a good goal, kden, and I hope it works out for you and the hubby. In 10 years we'll still have the kiddos with us but I will be almost eligible for a 55+ community. It should be fun having 2 teenagers at home while I am in my 50s. Now I just want to drink heavily. Take care.

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