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What Makes Some Land On Their Feet.....

....while others flop and flounder? If you can't tell, I am the one that flops and flounders. I had this thought recently and my younger brother came to mind.

We are only three years apart and he grew up in the same house. It wasn't any easier on him; maybe even harder, after myself and our older brother had left for college. He wasn't a troublemaker but got into plenty of mischief.

He went to community college but I'm not even sure if he finished and graduated. I have a feeling he dropped out. While still living here he worked at a gas station for awhile. He finally got tired of Spokane and moved to the other side of the state.

He bought a houseboat and managed the entire business of rentals to live there free. We visited him once and he took us on a tour of Lake Union. We even had Nellie with us and she enjoyed the ride immensely. He worked for a commercial painter and eventually started his own business doing the same. He did really well and at one time painted the …


Ocwen actually came through for us and did everything we asked them to. They closed our account (and sent a small refund for overpayment) and contacted all of the credit agencies to correct their mistake. Some of our scores have gone up already. We're still waiting for a release of the lien on our house though... so we'll have to keep checking on that.

I should have clarified about my new Daughter-in-law. After some searching online, the no hugging stance is a Chinese thing. They just don't do it; don't even think about it. Parents don't even hug their children. They rarely even touch each other, although handshakes are becoming more common. If our Son had said from the beginning that it was for that reason we would have understood. But by her avoiding our house, it felt personal. He has never been the best at communication. But Hubby did get a hug before they left the wedding. This is a picture of them with the Kid at the reception.

My sweet friend Pam flew away h…

How Much More?

You've heard those old sayings, 'What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger and Everything happens for a reason'. I've always thought they were pure bullshit and it's just what people say when they don't know what else to say.

It's no secret that I am not the most positive person in the world. I come by it honestly though my Mom. Other than genetic, it's also environmental. The constant beat-downs take their toll on a person's psyche. And it just got another whoopin'!

My husband got a call from his boss last week who said they were letting him go. It was kind of out of her hands as one of his delivery spots didn't want him to deliver anymore. The courier business is complex. Because everyone can't be in the same place at the same time to pickup/deliver, they hire independent drivers to help connect the dots. My husband's company was one of the few left that had their drivers on salary, most are independent. And often the independe…

Call Somebody She Scoffed

Awhile back Grumpy's blogging partner wrote about why it's always best to hire someone to do some work for you. Basically it's for sanity's sake and to keep from murdering your spouse.

During our recent storm we had a lot of crap that just stopped working. It could have been coincidence but still our surround sounded ended up dead as did our wired desktop in the basement. It refused to connect when all other devices in the house had no problem.

I tried to call tech support about the computer first then found out our phone line was down too so I used my cell phone. First I get a guy that has absolutely no intuition or computer knowledge at all, he's basically typing in what I say and waiting for an answer. Unplug this, plug it back in, run upstairs and do the same with the phone. He was clueless so I gave up. Ok, had to call someone about the phones and two days later, the drop in the alley was repaired and we had the phone back. Back to tech support. I got the smar…