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The Newest Toy

I'm starting to think like I'm the guy that needs a new car every couple of years. Except for me, it's a new device, gadget, toy, etc. Oh and that I'm a girl too.

I totally blame my Kindle for me getting me into this last purchase. If you own a Kindle you are offered limited time offers which are at a huge savings. That's how I got my Soda Stream for 20 bucks earlier this year, and a new coffee pot for 75% off just last week. You can also sign up for texts alerting you of the upcoming sale. Items are offered at different times of the day so it's unpredictable.

I got the text about an Acer Chromebook and although I had no idea what it was, the price tag of 59 bucks (200 regularly) made it sound favorable. The sale was to start at 3:00 pm and when I finally got home at 3:45 and was able to swipe my kindle to see the ad, they were all sold out. I still checked throughout the night to no avail.

I was so bummed and looked at that Chromebook longingly. It had everyth…

Got Them All

It took awhile but I finally got all of my blog books printed, except the current year. I waited for a 15% coupon for each one so that's what took a little longer than I wanted. It was a lot of fun picking out different covers and the pictures I wanted to use on the front and back. I've got them all neatly packed in a little box and will save them for a rainy day.

Just glancing at them makes me think that I've written about everything there is to write about. I've talked about neighbors, their dogs and their messy yards. I've written about everyone in my family---Mom, Dad, Hubby, The Kid, Brothers and their wives, Step-Sons and their wives. I've shared our fine city and the bone-head people that live here. I've shared my different crafts. You've probably laughed at all the goofy jobs I've had and the people I've met while doing them. I've shared my pains; both of my body and heart. I've enjoyed showing you my pictures on this and my phot…

I'm Either Losing It Or.......

.........some ghosties are messing with me. I've had three incidents in the past week that are making me question my sanity; well more than usual anyway.

A few months ago I had bought my Mom a present for her birthday. Since it was a few months away yet I just put it on the floor in the corner. There's a certain spot I keep all the stuff I need to take to her so I know exactly where to find them. It was time to wrap it recently and I had found a cool piece of burlap to wrap it in. I put the burlap on the stove and then went to grab the bag with the present in it. Gone. Not there. I looked everywhere and asked everyone who lives here. I was beyond pissed after all that searching and decided to just skip it and look for it later. I went to the kitchen to put the burlap away and there was the bag I had been searching high and low for. For the life of me I don't know how it got there, no recollection at all of me putting it there.

Then the other night while I was fixing dinner…

Dressing The Not So Modern Man

This was my Husband and his youngest Son's conversation via text recently regarding his upcoming wedding. I'm sure he was put up to it by his wife-to-be.

Son: So what are you wearing to my wedding?
H: I was thinking nice slacks and a shirt because my suit doesn't fit.
Son: You know you can get suits taken in pretty reasonable if that's the problem.
H: It being too big is not the problem.
Son: Well you do know there is a rehearsal dinner and the reception to think about too.
H: I was thinking about a Hawaiian shirt.

Conversation stops. My Husband thinks a Hawaiian shirt IS being dressed up. Apparently the Son's wife-to-be does not think so. The conversation resumes.

Son: You really should get a suit.
H: Well maybe a sport coat?
Son: That will be fine.

So one fine Saturday out we go. We do live close by a Men's Wearhouse but we wanted to start somewhere else. No luck at Khol's. No organization at all on how the suits are hung. We asked for help. 'Sorry it…

Farewell My Forever Friend

I visited a friend a few weeks ago that I have not seen for over 10 years. She's been in town for probably 5 years but as they say, 'shit happens'. I put this picture on Facebook the morning of our visit.

We've been friends since grade school and when you grow up in a small town and go through most of your school years with someone, there is a lifetime bond. We were very close in high school and had our share of getting into trouble minor mischief. I was one of her Maids of Honor when she got married. She always called me Neecey.
Pam had a rough life--Mother died when she was young, Dad had MS so she had to live with a foster family who did not treat her very well. She was the youngest of 4 siblings and the family got split up. She got married right out of high school and had two sons, then later divorced. Years later she remarried and he also died of MS. She was in an accident and spent a lot of time in rehab and then had to live in assisted living before finally beco…

I Am So Glad......

......That the high school across the street is out for the summer. It's so much quieter around here, traffic is lighter and I can now go pull out all of the garbage stuck in our rock wall and know it will stay clean for awhile.

......That our daughter is so anal, especially in the organization area. We brought home at least 10 boxes and more stuff from her dorm. She unpacked each one, organized them, and repacked what she could, and put the boxes back in the basement ready for their trip back in three months. As we were ready to check out her room about 11:00, the boy in the next room hadn't even started. He had until noon to be out, or be fined. I imagine his Mom was not happy. My youngest stepson was like that, probably still is. After his graduation from school in Florida, he hadn't even started packing and we had a plane to catch and get his stuff shipped. Of course his Mom ranted but she still helped him pack (hmmmmm, could that be the problem?) I did not lift a fing…