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Good Teeth, Bad Teeth

At least one of us in the family has a good teeth story. My daughter, finally after 3 years got her braces off a few weeks ago. Logistically it was a little challenging but we pulled it off. She brought a bus into town and I picked her downtown and got her to the appointment. After the braces were off, she had impressions taken for her retainers. We had a few hours to kill before we picked them up so hubby took us out for lunch. Back to the office they put the retainers in and the bottom one didn't fit right. She couldn't wait for it because she had a 3:00 class so back to college we go and I dropped her off just in time.

The next day we had to repeat the whole process, except I had to have her back by noon. It was frustrating to have to go back but now they both fit well and she won't have to go back for two months.

Now for the bad teeth part. I went to see my dentist one more time so we could make a final decision on what to do next. He did more tapping, poking and used …

Farewell To Biscuit

Almost three years ago I had the pleasure of having a guest author by the name of Biscuit fill in for me one day. I'm very sad to report that my little friend had to be put down recently.

Just from what I saw on Facebook, she hadn't been eating and losing weight. I saw her and Curtis drive by that day and thought, "Nice, Biscuit gets a car ride today!" I didn't know she wouldn't come home. Neither did they though. The Vet concluded that she was in a lot of pain and although he didn't really say what the problem was, I just assume cancer (he told me later it was, very aggressive tumors in her throat). So although Curtis got to say good-bye, his wife did not.

She was always my favorite out of the bunch. Our yard was the first one she would run to when she escaped. She was so friendly and just wanted some lovin'. I would give her treats through the fence and scratch her head. When I was in the kitchen I could see her peeking through the slats at me. It b…

Almost 5 Weeks Later......

.......and I'm still having dental pain after having two crowns put in. Seriously, this can't be normal. I've seen my dentist twice and a doctor once. My dentist has X-rayed, tapped, poked, and froze a tool to place on my teeth to gauge how quickly the pain starts and subsides. If it was just the one crowned tooth I would understand, but it's also a totally different tooth on the bottom. When one starts to hurt, the other jumps right in too. It's like he's having sympathy pains for his friend.

I've had three major surgeries in my life, one being a c-section, and none of those have ever caused me this much pain. And to make things even more fun I caught a cold and with a sore throat, I didn't know which hurt more. Also with allergies attacking me, my eyes feel like orbs of fire. My whole head is just one big ball of pain. I'm exhausted, physically and mentally. Some days I feel like a bullet to the head would actually bring relief. I go to bed in pai…

Cleaning Out

As Mother's Day approached I was looking for a simple recipe so we could take lunch to my Mom's. I knew roughly what I wanted to make and just had to go through a few recipe books. As I looked through the books, there were so many I had saved over the years but never made. I just started tearing them out. If I haven't made them by now, I never will. I have lo-carb recipes, Curves recipes and my latest diet recipes. I have a book that a friend had published and very old recipes of my Grandmother's. There is a Betty Crocker book being held together with a rubber band. Why? We have two kids recipe books I bought for my daughter hoping to inspire her to start cooking on her own; she makes one or two things over and over. I do have my favorites that I will keep but the rest were thrown away.

I like to cook from scratch and always enjoyed fixing a big Sunday meal and then having left overs during the week. But now that the Kid leaves so early on Sundays that's kind of a …

Is Love In The Air?

With my Daughter being boyfriend-less I always tried to reassure her that she would meet someone when she least expected it. When her first quarter of school started she started crushing on one guy who lived a floor above her. Alas, he was not interested but they're still friendly.

When Spring quarter started she started talking about this guy in her math class and she was amazed at how much they had in common and she liked talking to an 'adult'. At 18 I guess she really doesn't see herself as an adult. One day he brought her a list of books and movies that she might enjoy all from the same genre (sci-fi, fantasy). When I saw that I knew there was more to it. I mean, a guy does not hand write a list of ANYthing just to be nice. He was interested in her but I don't think she got it yet.

When she did get it, she balked, mostly because of the age difference between them. Ok gulp, it's 9 years. I've always trusted her judgement though. She became an observer at…

Wax and Rings

My daughter and I have an obsession (within reason) with Diamond Candles and JewelScent. Both of them sell wonderful smelling soy candles with rings in them. Think of it as a high class Cracker Jack box. I bought her the first one for Christmas from Diamond Candles as well as one for me. The rings that are from both companies are valued anywhere from $10-7500. If they are of higher value you find a token in the candle and you send that in to receive your ring along with an appraisal.

I think I like JewelScent a little better for a few reasons. They have a variety of products whereas the other place only has candles. JewelScent also sells bars of hand soap, aroma beads, and body scrub. Plus you can pick your ring size and check the worth online.

I bought myself and my daughter's room mate some beads and her another candle. Between us both we have 5 rings. I think they're all valued at about $30.00 from what I've seen on their Facebook pages. But that's OK, it's stil…