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The $3,100.00 Day

The day for my dentist appointment had arrived. Nervous but ready to get 'er done I arrived early. As I sat in the chair I was reminded how uncomfortable they truly are and remembered that someone had mentioned a pad they can place in the chair. So she kindly brought me one. I then had to remind her that I had ordered the Nitrous so she had to go get the machine. She found a nose piece that fit; a bright pink one that smelled like fruit. I take it that only kids want the Nitrous? Then I noticed that it was way too hot in there and asked to have a window open or just turn the damn heat down. I can't stand being overly warm in a place where I can't move around, I feel like I'm suffocating. So finally I'm all comfy and drugged up and have had my shots. I wish I had my phone in my pocket I would have taken a selfie with my pink pig nose, sunglasses over my glasses, no make-up and now numb face with a goofy grin.

The dentist comes in and wastes no time. He is the only d…

Grief Has No Language Barrier

There have been so many devastating events going on in the world just in the last month or so. Planes completely disappearing, Ebola outbreaks, earthquakes, flooding, Mt. Everest avalanche, mud slide in our own state, freeway shootings, crazy Neo Nazi's, and the South Korean ferry sinking.

The last one is the one that got to me the most; because of the age of the kids, very close to my own daughter. What was supposed to be a fun time for a bunch of high school kids turned into a nightmare for them and their families. No matter the language, grief is grief. You can see it on their face and hear the pain in their voice.

Bless the kids who texted or were able to get a call through to their family. Some were hopeful, some made it out, but most didn't and it will be the last things their parents have in memory of them.

The most heartbreaking to me though was a mom standing on the shore screaming out her daughter's name. The girl didn't even want to go but her mom talked he…

Jibber Jabber

After watching an entire season of True Detective like Grumpy suggested, I had withdrawal and had to find a new favorite show I could watch on my Kindle. I had been seeing the series Veep advertised for awhile and thought I would give it a try. I am so totally hooked on it now. I had a lot of catching up to do because they just started the 3rd season, but I just love Julia Louis-dreyfus in this role. It's like The Office but with a lot of F-Bombs. And it gives you an idea on just how comical politics really are.

My daughter gets her braces off next month. After 3 years she is more than ready. We'll make a nice day out of it. First the appointment, then lunch, back to the office to get her retainer and then I'll get her back to college for her last class. She might be a bit late but it will be worth it.

I'm also very proud to say that she has got through her first year of college being debt free; that is a very big deal! Since she has something similar to a 509 college …

None Of Our Own

My younger brother who is 50, posted a picture on FB with his wife and her baby Granddaughter. His wife is almost 10 years older than him so she has a full grown son with a family now. That got me to thinking that neither of us kids has our own Grandchildren. We only have them by association through our spouses.

Younger brother never thought he was father material so never had his own kids. I'm not even sure he likes to be called Grandpa.

My older brother has a 37 year old son who has been married a few years. His wife loves her Nieces but voices that she really doesn't want kids, or maybe is just not ready. They just moved to Portland where he is a bicycle part salesman. He travels a lot and they both bike and love the vagabond lifestyle. My older brother only has Grandkids because his wife's step-daughter has children. So he is even more removed than us in that department.

And of course I get my Grandkids from my Husband's oldest son. I don't think of them as ste…

Blowing Smoke

I have a friend, the one I took to Alaska, who every once in awhile will message me and say we need to get together, but never follows through. Most recently she said it's been too long. I messaged back and agreed, asked how her next week looked and we should make plans or we never would. She wrote back and said she works all week and has an event to go to on Saturday. That's it. No other suggestion, the conversation is over. So why even ask me?

Months ago another friend texted me and said she wanted to take me out to dinner. I replied saying which night would work best for me. Never heard back from her. Really?

Do these people sit around getting hammered and think of people that they might want to see and then when they sober up, change their mind? I have no idea but it bugs the Hell out of me.

When another friend and I want to get together, we will email back and forth and set up a day, time, and place. How hard is that?

When I was a kid I had a cousin that would do the same…