What Makes Some Land On Their Feet.....

....while others flop and flounder? If you can't tell, I am the one that flops and flounders. I had this thought recently and my younger brother came to mind.

We are only three years apart and he grew up in the same house. It wasn't any easier on him; maybe even harder, after myself and our older brother had left for college. He wasn't a troublemaker but got into plenty of mischief.

He went to community college but I'm not even sure if he finished and graduated. I have a feeling he dropped out. While still living here he worked at a gas station for awhile. He finally got tired of Spokane and moved to the other side of the state.

He bought a houseboat and managed the entire business of rentals to live there free. We visited him once and he took us on a tour of Lake Union. We even had Nellie with us and she enjoyed the ride immensely. He worked for a commercial painter and eventually started his own business doing the same. He did really well and at one time painted the huge (ugly) sculpture right next to the Space Needle. Since he did most of the work himself, he got really burned out and closed shop. His wife makes good money so maybe that's why he had the affordability to do that.

After taking about a year off he started working at a major college in maintenance, just doing general repair all around campus. A few years later and now he is the manager of the famous stadium at that college and has an entire crew working under him.

Seriously? How does he do that, keep landing on his feet??? No formal training and he's a manager of a football stadium!?

Is it the order in which he was born? He jokingly says he has ADD, does that help someone bounce back? He's not an asshole, actually rather likable and funny. So is it a personality that gets you further?

He's also a great landscaper/remodeler and has worked on a rental duplex he owns, another home he owns in Arizona and his own. He has totally rebuilt his patio area with an outdoor fireplace. Damn it, how does he do it?!

How can some people just keep moving on and up like they're carrying freaking lucky charms in their pockets? And others just continue to flop and flounder. Just once I would like to feel like anyone but myself, to get a chance of what normal feels like.

When I was in high school I had the nickname of Bad Luck Schleprock, or Schlep for short. I've always carried that cloud with me and that's how people see me. That's how I feel. What makes some carry lucky charms and other wear clouds?

Just a bunch of questions that I don't expect anyone to answer. It's just what I lie awake and think of at night.


fernvalley01 said…
hmm, I have felt that way from time to time, as well, others seem to fall face first into success, and all the bells and whistles, me, work hard, some success, then backslide and way more work
Grumpy said…
We all know people like that.

Did you ever think that people see you that way because you see yourself that way? I finally learned to stop caring how people see me or what they think of me. It's a waste of time and energy.
Claire M. King said…
I think it has something to do with some folks having vision and guts and listening to their intuition then making choices and taking chances. It's probably why my cardboard is so comfy. I am no a risk taker. Though...I am ready to break out of it.
Peruby said…
Create a paragraph of good thoughts and visions about yourself.

Once you get this, write it five to ten times each morning or whenever you feel like it.

Don't stop until you feel like a success. It will change your life.


I am a good and wonderful person. I can do anything I set my mind to. I have the power within myself to make my life successful and happy....etc...
kden said…
Peruby-I guarantee my brother never did that....he can be rantier than me sometimes :) I used to do those things, maybe just didn't believe it enough.
Mr. Shife said…
Hi kden. I do this all the time except I compare myself to my college friends. I just feel like a failure when I think about where they are at in their lives and where I am at. Hopefully this passes for you and you can focus on the positive. I know easier said than done. Also, can you leave me your email address when you comment on my blog? I got hopefully a nice surprise for you. Take care.
Mr. Shife said…
Hope you had a great weekend, kden.

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