Ocwen actually came through for us and did everything we asked them to. They closed our account (and sent a small refund for overpayment) and contacted all of the credit agencies to correct their mistake. Some of our scores have gone up already. We're still waiting for a release of the lien on our house though... so we'll have to keep checking on that.

I should have clarified about my new Daughter-in-law. After some searching online, the no hugging stance is a Chinese thing. They just don't do it; don't even think about it. Parents don't even hug their children. They rarely even touch each other, although handshakes are becoming more common. If our Son had said from the beginning that it was for that reason we would have understood. But by her avoiding our house, it felt personal. He has never been the best at communication. But Hubby did get a hug before they left the wedding. This is a picture of them with the Kid at the reception.

I think my Daughter is the pertiest of them all!
My sweet friend Pam flew away home on August 23rd. Even though we hadn't remained close over the years, I'm very happy I got to see her one last time. And another classmate who I didn't even know was sick, died less than a week after. I hadn't seen him since we graduated and I bet they looked at each other in Heaven and went "Whoa, what are you doing here? Where's the bar?" That's how I'd like to imagine it anyway. Her service wasn't in our hometown but in the town where she spent her last days. It was a little too far for me to drive there and back in a day so I wasn't able to go.

Hubby and I are back on the wagon, but going the low carb plan this time. We did well with it at one time so I wanted to do it again. It's so different from the low calorie, measure, and weigh everything plans. I will miss the breads, crackers, chips, potatoes, etc. But the tradeoff is I can eat any meat and not just chicken and fish..bring on the bacon, sausage, greasy hamburger and eggs...oh wonderful eggs. Nuts and pork rinds and cheese, oh my! With all that protein I stay fuller longer and am less likely to cheat.

Our BadAssNeighbor (he thinks) hasn't had his trial yet, it keeps getting pushed back. Now it's scheduled for late October. Part of his bond release conditions are that he doesn't drink, which in itself is a good thing. Hubby talks to him but I still keep my distance.

Nothing on the job front for Hubby yet. He got a lead from his co-worker but it's a national company and when we were just getting ready to do an online app, we came across a certain website that employees can rate former employers. Out of 20 reviews, the company got 1 1/2 stars. We ran from that one. After eight years with nightly schedules, it feels weird to have him here when I get home and then alllllll night long. I really miss my alone time. He has met a lot of people in that time and has put feelers out and is gathering references. He just needs apps to fill out now. Sigh.


Grumpy said…
I have a friend whose wife is of Chinese heritage and she has always been socially reticent. She sometimes looks as if it is an effort just to shake hands.

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