How Much More?

You've heard those old sayings, 'What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger and Everything happens for a reason'. I've always thought they were pure bullshit and it's just what people say when they don't know what else to say.

It's no secret that I am not the most positive person in the world. I come by it honestly though my Mom. Other than genetic, it's also environmental. The constant beat-downs take their toll on a person's psyche. And it just got another whoopin'!

My husband got a call from his boss last week who said they were letting him go. It was kind of out of her hands as one of his delivery spots didn't want him to deliver anymore. The courier business is complex. Because everyone can't be in the same place at the same time to pickup/deliver, they hire independent drivers to help connect the dots. My husband's company was one of the few left that had their drivers on salary, most are independent. And often the independents hire people to fill in the gaps. It's kind of like a Pony Express on how things are passed around and then delivered.

Months ago he had taken one pickup job by an independent driver. It had to be picked up at the same time and place he was already going to, so it seemed like a no brainer. Sometimes the deliverer of these goods got there way before him and the parcels would be waiting for him after routing through the back. Recently they got there at the same time and instead of going through protocol, he just grabbed the items from the other driver and put them in his tote. The dispatcher ran out and asked what he was doing, so he explained. Why nothing was said then, I don't know. And he doesn't even know if that was the incident in question, but because this particular company is the main nut that is keeping his former business afloat, his boss was given an ultimatum--dump him or we dump you.

More than likely it was a matter of time before they were going to let him go anyway. They had already started in Boise to let the older guys go and bring in independents. Another city was totally phased out. Now his poor partner is doing double shifts for who knows how long. Maybe they will just work him until he dies, then bring in independents.

The way it hits you in the gut (and the wallet) is unbelievable. I've already cancelled my dentist appt., all further pest control visits, my Curves membership and coffee membership. My cell phone might have to go and I told my daughter that she will have to pay for her portion. I will cut cable down to basic but fight to keep wifi.

He doesn't want to drive anymore; I don't blame him. He shouldn't have to work at all, he should be enjoying retirement by now. He may not even qualify for unemployment, depending on how his boss labels the termination. So now it's just his SS and my pittance of a salary.

How much more can a person take? I don't feel stronger and I sure don't know what the reason is. I just know I am feeling weaker as I get older with no fight left in me.


Grumpy said…
Well, that sucks. Fight for unemployment; their reason for firing him would seem to give you a good case should they try to deny it.

Hang in there.

fernvalley01 said…
so sorry! that is truly unreasonable! Sending good thoughts and prayers
Mr. Shife said…
I'm sorry kden. Hopefully something good does come out of this and the reason will appear. Hang in there and keep fighting. I will be sending positive thoughts your way.
Claire M. King said…
Oh man...I hope he gets a job soon. I know first hand how depleting it is financially and egotistically how hard unemployment is. I wish him luck. This may be a good time for a career change if he has ever wanted to do something different too. Good luck.

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